Memories of Melanie

We all lost a friend

A friend who was so kind and honest

There was no one that had a complain against her

She was open and generous with her opinions and praise

Always would point out if someone was doing something wrong

But never would be hurtful or unkind to those around her

We lost a good friend, but she was more than ready to go

She had had enough of illness, pain and worry in this life

I remember her wanting to go before she became dependent, destitute

Before her love, Ziggy too left her

May she rest in eternal peace

We will miss you Melanie


Written in response to;Blogging Insights NF #60 — Memories of Melanie, hosted by Tanya



65 thoughts on “Memories of Melanie

      1. Yes. It has turned into a very long hiatus indeed. I’ve missed you and your posts. That’s why I headed here when I logged in after so long. Hopefully I’ll be able to write frequently in the coming days. I’m good. How are you? I hope the surgery went well.

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