Some Q & A from Rory


Season One

What is the best advice you have ever been given, and who gave it?

Leave the problems of the future in the future, my father gave me this advice when I used to stress about things that might happen.

Credit for a question is awarded to Trisha of Learning Life.

What word would you choose to use if you were asked to describe yourself with it?


Do you like to eat mushrooms and what is your favourite culinary dish?

I love most of the mushrooms. Stir-fried, sautéed, in soup are some of my favorites.

If you are not a fan what is it about them you can’t stand?

I don’t like some of the tinned varieties. They are a bit slimy.

Do you have an accent?
What is it, and where is it from?

I usually pick up the accent of people around me. In America, I start to speak like Americans. In Pakistan, we use British accents/pronunciations. And my local language/mother-tongue- is Urdu, I speak like a true Urdu-speaking person. My Punjabi accent is a bit lacking, having learned this language late in life.

How many hours a day do you read and do you think that too much reading might be harmful to your health?

Nowadays most of my reading is related to blogs. It can be 3-4 hours a day. When I am truly free, I read from the several books I am currently reading. It can sometimes give me a headache, because of an ongoing issue with my eyesight, but it’s okay! I don’t think it’s detrimental to my overall health.

If so how and if not, why not?

See above!

Have any books or films influenced you in any way and how you live your life?

The movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, was one such movie that really moved me.

In what way?

It’s about the main character never giving up on his dreams and ambitions.

Did they inspire you to take action and change your lifestyle habits?

Not really, but it did reinforce my optimistic beliefs.

How aware are you of your surroundings daily?

I used to be more aware when I was younger. Now I guess aging has made me a bit oblivious to all the nuances.

Do you notice things others miss out?
Are you detail-oriented?

Some things I do notice that others don’t, especially my husband. But some details elude me because perhaps I am more into the bigger picture these days.

What is your favourite thing about planet earth?

It is a wondrous place. It has environment to support all the living creatures that reside here.

Inspired by “The Space Between Us” 2017

Have you ever accidentally upset someone you wish you hadn’t because of their strange reaction, and what did you do and how did they react?

Always! I have this foot in the mouth disease where I talk first and think later. Different people have different reactions to my bloopers/ faux pas. Some get amused, some feel hurt and others might get angry. Let’s not get into details here. Suffice to say, I have to smooth over the troubled emotions and explain myself.

Do you have any regular behaviours or quirks you would like to lose?

There are so many. I’m trying to straighten up my diet/ weight relationship these days. The foot surgery has made me gain a few pounds.

What are they, and why don’t you want them anymore?

Health reasons!

Are you naturally serious or can see the light-hearted to almost everything?

I am inappropriately funny at times I should be serious!

Who do you think is the world’s worst real life boogeyman, and why, or if you wish, who was the worst boogeyman on the movie screen?

I’d give this award to all the politicians. Collectively.

What’s the strangest phone call you have ever had?

Can’t remember!

Which country in your opinion has the worst politics and what makes them different to your own country?

I’d say mine but others are no better. It’s a world-wide phenomenon.


In response to Question time over, hosted by Rory



41 thoughts on “Some Q & A from Rory

  1. Some excellent answers and responses in this batch of answers Sadje, very nicely done 🙂

    Foot in mouth disease, l used to have that when l spoke to more people, now l tend to upset more people in writing l think.

    You are right with regards politics, it’s just one huge FUBAR situation sadly.

    Again, excellently done – many thanks 🙂

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