Please no solicitation for follows!

Invariably, every day I get at least one message in my comments from new bloggers to follow them.

I want to make this clear to all these people, whose comments about following them end in trash folder, that I don’t/ won’t follow random people asking me to do so.

So please don’t waste your time and energy by leaving these comments. If you want people to read/ follow your blog, write good content, interact with fellow bloggers and be patient.



121 thoughts on “Please no solicitation for follows!

  1. I sometimes check out folks who ask for a follow – if done politely. However, straight into trash go those pseudo-comments that consist of just a link to their latest post – no other words, just their blog post link! Pahh

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  2. I have had a few people make requests like that for me to follow them also, but it hasn’t happened in a while. I had this one site tell me that they wanted to give me administrative rights to write posts on their site, but I declined.

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      1. I, personally, would not do that if I’m looking for followers. I would visit the blogger’s website and read and interact with the blogger and if they wants to follow me, that’s fine and if they don’t, that’s also fine.

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  3. Good advice. I have similar comments which end up in my spam folder so they are deleted. I also get annoyed with people who follow me and their sites do not exist or it’s an advert to set up a new one. They too are deleted.

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  4. I don’t remember getting asked to follow a new blog or any blog for that matter. I likely have and just don’t remember. I do get stuff that just goes automatically into my spam folder.

    With all this talk, I want someone to ask me to follow their blog, so I can say no.

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  5. I have made the same statement on my about page. I follow few and am picky about who follows me. No business especially for unreateded things, like vacation spots, or health products.
    But not everyone reads that page… Just keep deleting those comments.

    I always have to approve new commentors first! Keep yourself sane!! 💕

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      1. Remember those odd comments I was getting from an old post over two years ago to visit nasty sites… Thankfully they finally stopped. Not sure if it was a WP fix – or they just gave up.

        Some of those kinds of comments though I think are just ‘Bot’ generated and so there really isn’t anyone to read at all. Odd that.

        (Delete, delete, delete.)

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          1. Funny – I got a comment that went straight to spam from some marketing place on a very old post… I don’t know why they expected a response when they started with… “I didn’t like…” Twits. …Delete!

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              1. 🤨 One does wonder why they even bother…

                Though when I first started blogging I thought I had to visit every like… I don’t do that now. I return comments. And ones that aren’t appropriate get trashed.

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                  1. We do what works for us. I’ve always said each owner of a blog has the right to do as they wish. Even the twit marketing blogs who you couldn’t get back to if you wanted to… who leave stupid comments (one that I just deleted!).

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  6. Well said Sadje, I too don’t like it when people comment in such a manner, there is no need to poke a person to follow you, be patient and yes interact with them by leaving great comments such as “This was a beautiful post” 🙏🙏

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