Orange or citrus Sinensis?

“Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am sharing a poem I wrote a few weeks back. This is about citrus fruits and winter sunshine.

Winter sunshine and you

It’s the winter sunshine

Pale and just warm enough

The tangy smell of citrus fruit

Warms my nostrils with anticipation

Lime and lemons

Oranges and kinoes

The perfect accompaniments

To the afternoon sun in winters

Sitting partly in shade, a little in the sun

I enjoy our futile debates on theology and politics

The memories stay forever in my mind

Winter sun, citrus and your invigorating company.


Please tag Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge Citrus Sinensis.

Written for;Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Citrus Sinensis, hosted by Sue W and GC



62 thoughts on “Orange or citrus Sinensis?

    1. Thanks Ally. Kino is a hybrid fruit, made with oranges and tangerines ( I think) it has a soft skin easily peel able, and a lovely taste. Not available in most western countries

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  1. Your poem and picture immediately reminds me that colder weather and the holiday season is just about upon us. It’s when clementines hit the markets. Those little orange type fruit are such a great hit. The flavour; easy to peel; With just two of us at home now, we’ll still go through several cases in the next six weeks or so. A wonderful memory and reminder.

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