Sense and Sensibility- Re-share from 2020

Friday Faithfuls prompt; Common sense!

I hope that you will share your thoughts about National Use Your Common Sense Day on Friday Faithfuls. 

I am sharing this post from 2-1/2 years ago as it fits the brief.


Sense and sensibility is a famous book by Jane Austin. It explores the relationship between common sense and being overly sensitive to circumstances and people around you.

The theme of the story always intrigued me. I want to know that are these qualities mutually exclusive or a person can have a bit of both?

Let’s take sense, or to be exact, common sense first.

As someone said common sense is not common at all. In fact, few people are endowed with it. It is the balance which helps us decide which course of action we should take in our day to day life. How should we behave, how should we react and what choices we should make. No denying the fact that having common sense is a very useful asset. Being able to objectively weigh the pros and cons of a situation and make a decision based on that is a very valuable quality. If during these decision-making periods we lay our emotions out of the equation, we have more chances of making rational decisions and won’t have to regret our actions later.

Now if we are emotional and overly sensitive, or have “too much sensibility” then we are liable to make our decisions emotionally. Being ruled by the heart instead of the head. Being too sensitive, or having too much sensibility can make emotional upheaval a part of one’s life. One is liable to get upset easily, get hurt by things people say or do, and overall the life is pretty much beset by highs and lows. But being sensitive also means that a person will have more empathy. They will be able to understand the problems of others and identify with their pain.

But where does the balance lies?

I think the perfect balance of this equation lies in being pragmatic. Take life and emotions both realistically and when making any decisions, weigh the pros and cons in a mature way. Let your emotions or even instincts play a role in your decision making but not the major role.

Let’s say that head should make the decision in consultation with the heart!

Or sometimes, we can go with this saying;

“Close your eyes and open your mind”

I am using this photo from Glen as a part of my post.

Glen is hosting a challenge “Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt.

Please go and check it out.

Written for Friday Faithfuls- Common Sense, hosted by Jim




18 thoughts on “Sense and Sensibility- Re-share from 2020

  1. Common sense and intuition, I think are key to making good decisions. Of course over thinking does little to add to these two pillars of guiding principles in life. So yes indeed, balance is much needed as you say so very well Sadje. Thank you.

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