Sunday Poser #105

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

Do you give credit to the blogger who inspired your post?

I get ideas for my posts from all around me. Sometimes I write in response to a direct question asked by another blogger to their readers. Like Fandango’s FPQ, Di’s SYW or Rory’s Coffee time question, In this case, I’d obviously base my post in response to these questions and mention the blogger who asked these questions.

But sometimes, reading a post from another blogger, inspiration strikes. When I write a post/poem inspired by an idea from another blogger, I feel it’s important and honest to give credit to that blogger too.

What about you ; do you mention the person who inspired your post?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



71 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #105

  1. Agreed – if I read a post which makes me think and then I turn around and write my own post based on it, even if very obliquely, I always try to link back, usually with a comment on how it inspired my post (it might not be obvious!)

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  2. Absolutely, yes. When it’s a prompt, I tend to add it at the end of my blog post…but twice now I’ve been inspired by haikus originally posted on Grace of the Sun….and have linked her original post in my blog so that people can go directly to the source and read more. Its amazing where inspiration comes from at times! 💞

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  3. I always link back for a prompt, but often the link is the prompt word and I don’t write out a message at the end about it. I can’t stand post clutter! If I found inspiration vaguely or from a new form, I don’t usually say anything…

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  4. Though we are all inspired by each other continuously, as you write, when we intentionally create something connected to another’s writings, we should give due credit. I completely agree with you, Sadje.

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  5. I think if I was writing in response to a prompt, yes I would link. I have been inspired and motivated to write by another blog and I will credit the blogger. I think its only manners.

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