Melanie’s health update

Yesterday I got this message on one of Melanie’s post;

I don’t know where to post this, so I’m hoping that the message gets passed on to Melanie’s blogging friends. My name is Rachel, and I’m her friend and neighbor. She’s in the hospital again, and it’s really bad this time. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

My response;

Oh, I’m so sorry to learn of this Rachel. I hope she gets better soon. Thanks for letting us know.


Melanie has been placed on in-patient hospice. She is non-responsive. We are keeping her comfortable until she passes. I hate to have to notify you all in this manner. I just don’t know how else or where else to do it. I will create an online memorial at some point, so everyone can visit it. –Rachel

My response;

Thank you Rachel. I’ll share your message with our community. My prayers are with her.

Please do keep Melanie in your prayers. I hope she recovers quickly and completely. Amen.

An update from Rachel of Sheep and Sage;

I just got the call that Melanie has passed. She did have an advance directive, and we were careful to follow it. She received very strong meds for pain, nausea, and anxiety. She seemed to be in a deep sleep at the end.

May her soul rest in peace. So sad a day for us all.



85 thoughts on “Melanie’s health update

    1. Melanie is one our oldest member of our blogging community. She hosts Share Your World and a few other prompts. Lately her health is not good and since last few days, she’s been very quiet. Now we know why!

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  1. This is sad, nothing will replace Melanie’s presence. The ones who knew her will miss her. The ones like me who didn’t know her will miss & mourn her as well. We all share in this loss. So sorry for this loss that touches you more. but isn’t it grand that you guys were here when it mattered for Melanie the most? Find comfort in that, dear friend. I bless you.

    I have lost three good writing friends as well. All much older but so young at heart. I still treasure their memory.

    Be well, dear people. I thank you and wish you miracles xoxo

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  2. I didn’t know Melanie Sadje but it’s always tough/sad when someone close to us passes away☹️☹️ Sounds like it was peaceful in the end?! 🙏🙏🤞🤞My thoughts & prayers are with Melanie and her family and friends.

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        1. Yes, I remember how worried we all were regarding her mental health in those days, she was so depressed. She really didn’t want to live on and perhaps it’s a blessing for her.

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          1. I think sometimes Sadje, that when the heaviness doesn’t get any lighter for some people, it matters not about lights and tunnels. The will to live has gone and the lights switch off. I believe the same applied to Ashley. Yet, l see episodes and moments like this and say ‘Dang but life is too short to NOT make the most of it when and how we can!”

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