Being thrifty

“I love charity thrift stores. Amazing one-of-a-kind pieces at terrific prices, and all the money you spend goes to a good cause. –Laura Spencer.


If nothing else, the Covid pandemic has taught me that I don’t need so many things. My shopping habits have changed for the better. And I’ve also donated a lot of the things that were hanging, untouched in my closet to charities.

To my way of thinking, being thrifty doesn’t mean being miserly. It means we buy things that we really need and not just because we want them. The economic downward trend has also tightened our purse strings. So instead of going on a shopping spree, I only buy essential things.

That is one of the reasons I love going grocery shopping as I can buy things without feeling guilty because they are essentials.

Have you changed your shopping habits given the current scenario?


Written in response to;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Thrift, hosted by Sue W and GC



54 thoughts on “Being thrifty

  1. Well said, Sadje. Buying and having the essentials is very wise. Like you. I enjoy shopping, but now that I an older, I can spend an hour enjoying the experience; but yet still buy only the essentials.
    This habit did not come overnight, I spent many of my younger years shopping and buying to excess.

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  2. The only habits I’ve changed in the last 2 years has been focusing on buying more local and from small businesses, both for myself and for gift giving. But quite a few years ago I made the shift to gifting more consumables and experiences than physical items, unless I know the person needs or wants something in particular (long story, based on someone close to me who couldn’t let anything go). That knicknack may be adorable, but when someone has too many that knicknack becomes clutter. I don’t want to gift anything just to give something, I want it to be meaningful and useful. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I’m not crazy about shopping, lol.

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  3. Agreed. This pandemic has emphasized the need to focus on the essentials, and the occasional luxury has actually come to mean a lot more. I also like to think that it has brought friends and family members closer together, to get through these rough times.

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  4. Oh my goodness Sadje, for me my shopping habits changed before the pandemic hit, but it make me take an inventory of what I truly needed after it hit, and also made me donate what I didn’t really need. When I changed jobs years ago, and at the time I was in the fashion and cosmetics industry, naturally I purchased a lot of stuff I liked and what was befitting my career. Yet, when I changed jobs, I realized that those items sat, and sat, and sat. So yes my friend, my shopping habits have changed drastically, but that also made me realize that I have truly grown up! LOL 😜 Great rumination. 😊👗😘

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  5. Though I shop online more today than ever before, I love to shop sales, and bargain stores for all of the reasons you mention, Sadje. In fact, I’ll be doing that on my upcoming trip to the coast. 😁

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  6. Yes and now that flu and Covid season is back and still thriving no matter what deniers say and the fact that I live where people refuse to wear masks,I will be out less and using delivery service more. Which is a lot more expensive when you think about it because you have to tip these people because that’s how they make a living. I have my flu shot already and my Covid shots are up to date so that’s about all I can do. And yes shopping has changed in the last three years for me mainly because I have to ask someone to take me which I don’t like to do. There’s no Uber here or handy taxi services to rely on. And of course it’s just an extra expense and delivery is cheaper than that.


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    1. I get you Cheryl. When Covid broke out in 2020, I was in Seattle as a visitor, with no medical insurance. So I would not go anywhere at all. The deliveries cost more and the alternative stuff they gave was often what we didn’t want at all. And then you’d tip them nicely for going out when we didn’t want to do that.


  7. I just shared at my gym class this morning that all my t’s and (yoga) pants… were from the $1 sale at my charity shop – I have a nice variety (maybe even enough for every day of the week) and I don’t have to feel guilty about spending. If I had made those same purchaises at a regular store I might have only gotten one top and one pair of pants! A pair of ‘Yoga’ pants can range from about $7 – $75!!

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