Energy that I used to have!


With deep nostalgia, I remember the amount of energy that I used to have!

Raising three kids, looking after the home affairs, finding time to exercise regularly every day, and meeting friends in the evening was the norm rather than the exception.

Now in my sixties, I am done after doing a quarter of what I used to do during the day, feeling like a need to lie down or at least plonk my backside in a recliner with a cup of tea or decaf coffee.

People tell me that growing older teaches us to value our free time and to use it wisely to rest our bones in between the daily chores.

Perhaps as I grow older, I should stop comparing myself to my younger self when I used to move around like a pet on zoomies but should appreciate the grace a slower demeanor brings to me.

Well, as long as I can look after myself and my home without asking for help from others, I should be grateful for the energy I do have still left.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Energy, hosted by Denise



83 thoughts on “Energy that I used to have!

  1. Those were the days! I remember driving to the ski slopes two hours away — after dropping the kids off at school — getting home to pick them up, help with homework, make their dinner and then attend a black tie gala for the school that night!

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  2. Oh, dear 46 i am feeling the need to slow down too.. i used to be the so called super woman in the family..🤭🤭 but now geez i could feel some bone cracking here and there and some back pains too after a very long and tedious day..

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  3. I hear you and I am only 51, my husband is 49 and he is already complaining about feeling more tired too. It happens, new stage of life, and now I am going to make myself a cup of black tea to help me wake up. 🙂

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  4. I’ve been fighting with the lack of energy and the constant awful fatigue of chronic fatigue syndrome for about 20 years but in the past year/18 months I’ve really learned how to manage it and now have a lot more energy. I guess I don’t have the energy of youth, but I feels much better now that I want to make the most of the time I have left (I’m looking to live to 100+😁)

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  5. We do tend to compare with our younger selves but this is our mind trapping us in a downward spiral.
    You have the answer already, accept and use what your body wisely offers.
    I wish you to always be self sufficient and have the energy to do whatever and with whomever you love.

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  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have a few good hours early in the day, but by evening, I’m gone. Granted I’m ten years older than you and that does make a difference, but even in my sixties had had 10 times the energy I have now. I think I was doing reasonably well until the heart surgery and the long slow recovery from it. I never got entirely back on my feet. I think it was one major hit too many. It’s hard for me to believe what I used to do and it was so EASY.

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  7. I’m a lot older than you Sadje, and I mean a lot, but nothing’s going to stop me from walking, running, climbing, camping in my little tent and travelling the world, usually with people far younger than myself! Phew, my fingers need a rest after typing that!

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  8. Energy, what is that? Seems so long ago since I have had any of that. LOL Seriously, as we age it gets to much lower levels and with me Fibromyalgia robs me of some of that too. I treasure ever power boost I can get.

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