Hits and misses in blogging


” I think I am about 5 for 500 when it comes to successful ideas versus flops. “


What is a successful blogging idea?

It’s very hard to predict which blog posts will prove interesting to the readers. Many times, I’ve written a post that for me read very well but my readers didn’t pay any attention to it. And on the reverse side, there are many posts that I scribbled in haste thinking of them as just an emergency filler which had a great response from the readers.

This unpredictability of the response to what we write is what keeps blogging interesting and fun for us. But anything that is written with effort is a successful post to my way of thinking because it results in us presenting our readers with a post/ story/ poem to read. It can give fruit for thought to someone, perhaps answer a question in their mind, or perhaps entertain them.

So if you write a blog, converting your idea into a tangible piece of writing, I think that is a success. And if even one person benefits from reading that piece of writing, it’s fulfilled its purpose. The more we write, the more chances are that we will be able to connect with our readers.


Writing in response to;Blogging Insights NF # 59, hosted by Tanya



128 thoughts on “Hits and misses in blogging

      1. You are very welcome! 🙂 Agreed, there just doesn’t seem a firm correlation between post/views/likes etc or how long any post is looked at.
        I am now looking at my pages critically and think that a revamp is needed. I like the layout of your site, so, you may well find my clicking menus here later! 😉

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  1. Oh, i can totally relate to you Sadje..sometimes i would put so much effort and energy on a poem, but it wouldn’t generate much attention. Funny though at times the ones i wrote quickly are the ones my readers would often engage more..

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  2. What I find interesting here is the emergency filler. It implies that you feel an obligation to post something. Maybe you don’t but I do. Take this Friday, I haven’t done my post yet mainly as I’m stressed out about a specialist appointment. (Yep the am I going blind saga). But now I’m stressing about Friday as well. And I shouldn’t be

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    1. I know these are our self imposed limits that we want to fulfill. I hope everything goes well with the appointment. I’m also having eye issues, age related macular degeneration. Take care my friend

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  3. Interesting topic Sadje. I no longer even grade my posts like that – l simply write. These days l have as much social content [long content] as l do information content [short content]. I have very few actie readers as in readers l know actually read the content compared to those who simply hit Like because they can.

    It’s all and only about direct interaction now, so fewer readers means more genuine engagement. I don’t follow many people now either and only read from a set number of writers every week. I add a new writer to my directory once a month and then spend time getting to know them.

    Like Paula said above, quality over quantity now 🙂

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  4. Thank you for sharing our thoughts on this, and I agree with you. Utterly unpredictable. And I too have experienced it, that the post I write in haste do well. There is a lot of alogrithms and time of day and so much more in it too.

    One thing for sure is that blogging on WordPress.com and the community is fun. No other blogging platform offers a communtiy like ours.

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  5. I agree with you. I write for my satisfaction and when I read what I have written and make some changes and see the result, I feel happy. And when other blogger friends appreciate it, that is an added bonus. I try my best to comment on the blogs that I read. But there are some posts which I do not understand 😊, I stop reading them. Blogging has made my life more satisfying.

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  6. I absolutely agree with you about reaching even one person with a message. It’s so interesting to contemplate the differences in response rates to a post, yet knowing even one person resonated with it is truly enough for me. Wise words, my friend.

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  7. I agree with your very well thought out post, Sadje.
    “But anything that is written with effort is a successful post to my way of thinking because it results in us presenting our readers with a post/ story/ poem to read. It can give fruit for thought to someone, perhaps answer a question in their mind, or perhaps entertain them.”

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  8. Very well said, Sadje! I know it’s not all about the numbers, but feedback on each post helps me grow and refine my words. I appreciate those (like you) who give that to me, and try to do the same.

    “And if even one person benefits from reading that piece of writing, it’s fulfilled its purpose.” Love this line, and so very true! Not every message will resonate with every reader. But if we don’t put the words out there, they won’t reach anyone! Thank you for continuing to share yours, and for this timely message! 💞💞💞

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  9. So true, Sadje! I can write a poem in a hurry and receive a great response. Then, on the other hand, I can take what seems like forever to write a poem and it gets a mediocre response. But as I like to say different strokes for different folks thus I write about what I enjoy.

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  10. I agree, it’s surprising what people react to. But I agree with others, we write for ourselves first. I hope people read my blogs but im just enjoying writing and sharing and for me, that’s enough. That others find them interesting and helpful is a bonus.

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  11. I agree with your last paragraph. When I started writing and sharing what I wrote – even if the one person who liked something I had written wasn’t me…what I wrote was worth it! 🙂 💕

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  12. Yes Sadje well said and this is one of the best and fabulous blogs from you. I agree that blogging is fun, entertaining and educational as long as your mind has a tangible idea it can convert it to a blog that will provide great advice, help and guidance to readers that for for me is the hit in blogging. Also, what I love about reading other blog posts is the unpredictable blogs that bloggers write the ones we read that are new and engaging , just like the weather it is unpredictable , we get to be amazed at its changing patterns 🙏🔥🔥

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  13. At this point in my life I’ve practically stopped caring at all about the views something I create gets in the immediate future. My perspective is starting to go long-term, even beyond my own lifetime, and I’m just hoping to create something I value today that turns out to be quality for someone else tomorrow (or a hundred years from now).

    Beyond that, I can’t be bothered to care about view counts. Maybe that makes me come across as careless (by definition, heh), but life’s too short for me to stress about then anymore. I’m glad other people are able to keep a level head while thinking about those numbers, but it’s not for me.

    Nice post!

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  14. Sure, this resonates with me alot! But I think it’s because when we put our attention on how good our posts (crafts) are to our audience we are not fully immersing on it that’s why! (Based on my perspective).

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