The randomness of the universe

Why things happen when they do?

Is it a random pattern or there is a plan

We are often taken by surprise by it

The events stop us in our tracks with a shock

And we often rile against their randomness

But I believe that there is nothing arbitrary

About what happens to us in this lifetime

Everything happens for a reason too deep for us to fathom

If only we accept what comes our way

And try to work with it not against it!


Written for;Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Random, hosted by Sue W and GC



54 thoughts on “The randomness of the universe

  1. Don’t always like the things that happen, but as the years go by it’s easier to see the the reasons and/or the blessings that are with them. Well penned, Sadje! 💞💞💞

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  2. People make plans, but Higher Beings laugh…
    Is everything ordained and predictable? I don’t think so. Sometimes we leave five minutes late and then find out we just missed being in a bad accident. Other times when we don’t pause to think about the words (harsh ones) that spew from our lips… we hurt others.

    There are predictable patterns in nature, but even nature is unprdictable. Especially with weather.

    Now coincidences are a different ball of wax. Perhaps little karma clues – like the one police show I watch where the one guy says there are no coincidences. 🙂

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