WQW # 41- Writers choice- Regrets

Regrets eat at us from the inside. Some people are pragmatic and go through life realistically looking at things. But some of us are torn apart by doubts and regrets. I always think that life gives us one day at a time so that we can correct our mistakes from yesterday, and not live in yesterday, ruing our mistakes.

The few quotes that I have put together in this post are just a few from thousands. The wise and sagacious people have found regrets are futile and there are many excellent quotes to prove that.

There is no arguing with this logic. Live for what you can do or achieve in the next instant in your life, not for what didn’t work or went wrong in the past.

Easier said than done, one might say. But if one thinks logically about it, there is absolutely no use in crying over spilled milk. Go get some more and make some tea!

Regrets lead to wasting precious time. And when we have just that much time in our lives, why waste it. This is my personal philosophy in life. A promise I made to myself when I made my first adult decision. Not to regret what is done. Just move forward from that point. The mistakes we make give us an experience that is very valuable in life.

A very practical way to look at life’s experiences. Relationships are one enormous cause of us feeling regret in life. And as we humans are an emotional species, we tend to carry this regret for a long time. But eventually, we have to throw off this heavy blanket of sentimentality and see the reality. Use the experience that life teaches us and grow positively. Learn from all experiences and relationships in life.

At the end of life, don’t die with the regret that you weren’t brave enough or intuitive enough to take chances or risks.

Regret is a heavy burden. Try to set it down as soon as you can and carry on with your journey. You will go far without this weight on your shoulders.

In response to WQW # 41- Writer’s Choice, hosted by Marsha

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61 thoughts on “WQW # 41- Writers choice- Regrets

  1. I agree Sadje, regrets have a way of weighing down the mind/body/soul. Past mistakes can be the litmus test of one humanity, offering a momentary glance at how far one has come. Having said that…lingering in those past moments for too long is perhaps not to one’s gain.

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      1. It is interesting how differently we approach “life” as the years march on. When I was young, all I wanted was to be older so I could DO all the stuff I had in my head. And mostly, I did it although it didn’t always come out exactly as I expected. Sometimes, better, often, just very different. In the middle years, there was so much going on that you were yearning for a future that was more peaceful (well, that didn’t work out!), a past that would just go away and not come back, and a present where there would finally be enough of whatever we needed to make a “go” of it. I’m still waiting for a bit more peace. That seems to have eluded my whole generation.

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  2. This is an interesting topic choice, Sadje. I don’t picture you as a woman of regrets. You seem positive and energetic, full of life and fun.

    Yet, we all have regrets. Sometimes I just have to shake mine off – even shudder them off. I believe that God forgives sins, but they still pop back to haunt me. Sometimes a conversation haunts me for a few days. I worry about people’s reactions. But in the end, we have nowhere to go but forward through life. If someone writes you off, it’s sad. If you apologize and get no response – oh well. If someone hurts my feelings, I might feel bad for a while, but then I shrug it off. If they continue to hurt my feelings, I don’t need to spend time with them unless it’s my husband. Then it’s time to talk or walk.

    You are such a thoughtful – meaning deep thinking as well as kind – person, Sadje. May your regrets slide off of you like water off a duck’s back. 🙂

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  3. I think you need regrets, they shape you, they give you definition. I think of them like shadows. Shadows make the others colours more defined

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  4. Love the quotes and your thoughts regarding each of them. What a wonderful post to wake up to this morning!
    I especially love (and need to remember) “I always think that life gives us one day at a time so that we can correct our mistakes from yesterday, and not live in yesterday, ruing our mistakes.”
    Beautifully done, Sadje💞 💞 💞

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