Sunday Poser # 104

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

How often do you re-share your older posts?

I have recently started to share posts from my earlier days of blogging.

Unless you are a celebrity, it is very likely that when you started to blog, very few people read or saw your posts. It’s only with time that we build up our readership and people read what we write as a routine. So most of my earlier posts got very few views and comments.

So I have started to re-share my older posts, especially if they coincide with any of the current prompts. It gives me a double advantage. One, I would not write another post on a topic I’ve written before, and second, it will give my previously written post new exposure.

The ideal way to re-share is to find the post you’re looking for and from the options tab select duplicate the post. Then you can edit the post, add to it or share it as it is. There was an idea that posts written in the classic editor may not work when re-shared but it’s not the case. You can edit these posts in the same format you had previously written them.

Do share your thoughts on this question; Do you re-share your older posts regularly? Fandango has a Friday Flashback prompt where he asks us to share a post written on the same date in the past. Do you participate in this challenge?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



74 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 104

  1. Thanks for this post. These Sunday Posers are very interactive.
    I am also fond of re-sharing, it helps me to publish a better version of my older posts, which I rewrite to make it sound better (and the feedback obtained provides a deeper insight).

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  2. I don’t but it’s a good idea. I’m going to put some of mine in a book so I have to take them off the blog and moved to drafts at the moment. When I’m done with that, will put them back up and then I will. 💗

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  3. I have reshared/reblogged a few of my older posts as stand alones.

    Sometimes I’ll write a new one and if a subject is similar to one I had previously, I use the search button to bring up posts with a similar theme, I might reuse an image or two but will try not to repeat was previously said. Isn’t blogging fun 🙂

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  4. I don’t typically re-share previous WP posts, however, I do share poems across social media platforms and WP. It’s a nice way to share content with more people, and it makes my work that week a little lighter as the poem is already written. 😁 Tomorrow’s 6 am post is an example of this, as the poem was originally written to share on Twitter.

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  5. Just recently, I decided to update a post from a couple years ago and reshare it (it is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day). Other than that, everything is original on this blog. I have been reposting my WordPress posts on Medium though.

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    1. Thanks Brandon for sharing! How is Medium, readership wise. I did make an account once to follow a blogger who had shifted over to Medium but it didn’t grab my attention much.

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      1. There are quite a variety of articles and if you can work at gaining a lot of followers, there is potential for earning a bit of money, which is why I wanted to try. I still prefer the WordPress community, but I would really like to earn some money if possible.

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  6. Generally not, though after my refresh I shared almost all my poetry from earlier. I’ve long run out of that though and occasionally link to an older post, but I don’t reshare them. Nothing wrong with doing so, of course, but I usually have new things to say…

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  7. I re post a lot of my older ones, especially the flower of the day. That’s because I barely ever go anywhere to get new photos. I share my older poems, and some stories, too. I know a lot of people have seen them, but again there are a lot of new readers/followers who have not. 🙂

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