Clear the view

Fog – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a river, further along it you can see some shadows of trees which the fog is starting to blur.


Eyes blinded by the fog of ignorance

Or the blindness of too much misery

Taking things as they come, not reacting

What does it makes us? Callous, heartless?

We are becoming desensitized to the pain

The cruelty and abuse around us because it’s prevalent

Are we losing our humanity, our empathy

It’s time to open our eyes, clear the fog

See what is, for what it really is as it effects us

Pain, unjust treatment, death and suffering

Never get used to bad things because they happen oh so often!


Written in response to WritePhoto # Fog, hosted by KL Caley



59 thoughts on “Clear the view

  1. Beautifully said reminder, Sadje! Sometimes we need to block it out since it can be too much to handle…but we do need to be on guard that we don’t allow it to be common place 💞💞💞

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  2. The problem is getting used to the pain: so sensitive piece, dear Sadje. The perfect sketch of what’s happening, nowadays. ‘Never get used to bad things because they happen oh so often!’ great.

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      1. To some extant , yes. There is so much pain, poverty, sickness…pains me too much but I haven’t enough money to help all. You open YouTube or other social media, so many requests for monetary help… When I can’t help I feel depressed. N.G.Os are getting such a bad reputation you don’t know whom to choose. Still we try do our but…

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  3. You ask many of the unanswered questions that ramble through my head on a daily basis. Perhaps the important thing is that we ask the questions and think about our humanity … or lack thereof. Some people just move from day to day without ever questioning, without ever looking within themselves. Good one, Sadje.

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  4. We should never get used to bad behavior or accept negativity as the norm. There is always something good and positive in life. Thank you for this piece. Very powerful reminder.

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  5. There are many things individuals can do to open their eyes. Some are more time consuming and need some effort. Others like just supporting a charity via a Bingo Game night work too.

    May we all attempt in some small way even by a simple good thought, benefit another who might be having a less than stellar day.

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