Inedible foods

I’ve never been a fan of eating something

That can make a sound

Or walk away on its legs or feet

Give me something rooted to the earth

Growing green, red or orange, the colorful the better

Give me grains, lentils, nuts and vegetables of all sorts

Don’t expect me to eat something that bleeds or can make me bleed

Keep your animal proteins and organs

And just give me things that I enjoy without guilt

In short, I’d rather eat a fake chicken burger than the real thing

Or enjoy a bowl full of soup made with tomatoes and basil

Though not a total vegan, I’m a vegetarian I’ll admit

You can entertain me with a spread of stuff growing in the soil


For Friday Faithfuls this week, I would like you to share the weirdest foods that you have ever eaten, or some foods that you would never even think about trying.

Written for Friday Faithfuls- Food I’d never eat, hosted by Jim




58 thoughts on “Inedible foods

  1. I love the colours on that plate. It looks so appetising. I’m not vegetarian but with so much choice and such an abundance of colours, why would you not include the rainbow on your plate. 🙂

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  2. Raw oysters on a half shell. Also Kibbee was weird. It’s Lebanese and made with ground lamb and mint and who knows what, then fried into little balls. Not a fan of either of my weird food experiences.

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  3. Wonderfully expressed, Sadje. While I am an animal lover, I am also a meat eater but I have great respect for anyone who abstains from eating meat. I’m sure being vegetarian is infinitely better for one’s health but there’s something about the smell of bacon that I cannot resist. I’m afraid I’m hooked! 🥓

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  4. Foods can be challenging. But I respect those who choose to have certain limits. I have my own too.
    I am choosing more fruit and veg, so that’s good.
    And of course a few treats mixed in is always good 🙂

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  5. I do eat meat, but I tend to pile on the veggies. I love a good salad and even a simple mix of cucumbers and tomatoes taste so good and fresh. I don’t mind it so much if I go over board with portion size on veggies… unless it has a rice sauce with it, then I need to cut back.

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