POLITICO- You are?

Politics has become a dirty word in most cultures

Being a politico stands mostly for having double standards

Saying something, meaning something else, and doing something else

That is how the world at large views politicians

An honest politician has become a phrase oxymoron in nature

How wonderful it would be to have a politico with principal and convictions

Those upon whom we could always rely on to do what’s right

Those that would be the true heroes saving our democracy and nation!


Written in response to RXC: PROMPT #254- Politico, hosted by Reena



56 thoughts on “POLITICO- You are?

  1. Very true… Unfortunately, I think that most people wouldn’t vote for honest politicians. For the simple reason that they couldn’t lull the population with empty promises, and would have to admit that electing them is not going to change things overnight. And people don’t want to hear that, in general. It is sad to say but we tend to elect the person that promised the best unicorn, only to complain about them after, because unicorns don’t exist 😉

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    1. Unfortunately Cyranny you are right. Over here we did vote for a man who was honest. He won by a great majority but his rule was marred by bad decisions, because he is no politician.

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    1. I feel that we do need honest people in politics but unlike olden days, this game has become so corrupted and dishonest that it will be wonder if an honest person can turn this around

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  2. Regrettably I think you’re right and people become so disillusioned and don’t vote. I’m not sure what the answer is, people are turned off/bored by politicians and politics … the general public aren’t interested so we end up with what we have. People need to become interested so different people stand for election … to change the broken system.

    I agree @Jeff, it’s difficult to know what way to vote when the choices are so depressing. I fear the outcome of the next General Election in the UK, But I hope people will vote – others in the past have fought hard to earn us the right to vote and I must be honest, it’s the thought that keeps me turning out to the ballot box

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