Saturday Symphony # 33- Something scary and spooky


Spooks and Creeps.
This monthโ€™s prompt is simple; write something scary.


Deep in the silence of the night

Kids dressed up as goblins and ghouls

Carry baskets shaped like cauldrons

Look for strangers to trick or treat

Tell them to stay away from the tombstones

And the creaking deadwood in the graveyard

Creatures that live there are not the friendly types

Not all who roam the streets that night are in disguise

Some are what they really look like

Evil spirits looking for a tasty morsel

Beware and hurry back home

The real danger is lurking around the corner

Shushโ€ฆ.. now be quiet


Written for Saturday Symphony, hosted by Jude

Also included Gregโ€™s Weekly 5 Words, hosted by Greg





63 thoughts on “Saturday Symphony # 33- Something scary and spooky

  1. Ah, Sadje, I read this but my comment didn’t make it through. Now, as then, I still really enjoyed it. Thanks for joining in. Next edition is up soon.

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