Celestial beauty

Celestial beauty is beyond human comprehension

We gaze open-mouthed at it trying to take it all in

An idea, a concept too magnanimous to fit in our little minds

We romanticize it, writing odes to its magnificence


Written for Moon- washed Musings Weekly Prompt – Celestial, hosted by Eugenia



58 thoughts on “Celestial beauty

  1. Might have been able to see it if the sky were clear.
    I think shooting stars are fun too. I saw one when I was a child.
    I didn’t know what it was then. I’ve been able to see what I think was The Perseid meteor shower telescope. 🙂

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      1. I think there are some free apps for smart phones to help you ID constellations as well as find the international space station.

        We were lucky to catch the ISStation for about 15 minutes at sunset in front of our home (last year I think).

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