Visit the branch!

“You can visit your nearest branch and sort out this issue”, came the automated reply in response to my query.

I don’t have the time or the inclination to go to the bank in person, and it galls me that they boast of a huge online support system, and yet for a complaint against the misuse of my credit card online, I’d have to go there in person, fill out a paper form and submit a written complaint.

I don’t know if it’s a third-world problem, but the red tape that strangles our work is never-ending.

People claim to be very advanced, technology wise but they still have old-fashioned protocols in place which are enough to drive a person crazy.

I almost gave up on filing a complaint but the idea that someone was fleecing me by hacking my credit card online and buying stuff worth thousands of Rupees made me stiffen my spine and do the needful regarding the filing of the complaint with the bank’s credit card department.

It took them six weeks but finally, they refunded my money, but I’m thinking of changing my bank and card as this is a tedious process to follow if it happens again!


Written in response to Six Sentences Story- Branch, hosted by Denise



92 thoughts on “Visit the branch!

  1. Oh, sorry to hear the delay is so long. I did have one case years ago that took several months to resolve, which required an in-person visit and a raft of forms. But in recent years much has changed. Most are resolved over the phone in a short time.

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  2. Local branch – meaning a hundred miles away from where I live, and they are closing that in the new year. I’m lucky, I guess, that the phone app works very well and most things get dealt with quickly via that


    when I changed my phone number last month, the app wouldn’t work – took 6 weeks to sort that out with no access to my account. Six weeks in stressy hell – Without tech I am screwed basically

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          1. After last month, don’t I know it. 3 trips to the not so local branch and a whole load of higher rate phone calls. It got sorted but why in all that’s sacred did it take 6 weeks to register a new phone number? Still can’t get my head round that

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              1. Well, it has to be that as to say it was amatter of security was hogwash – not once was I asked to prove identity, sign anything, or answer security questiions only I know the answer to, To use the app or online banking I have to provide answers to security questions, pass words and biometrics.

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  3. We joke at home about how tech has actually slowed some things down, made them more frustrating, and sometimes brings business to full stop in a way that did not happen before

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  4. So far, no one has hacked my account, but there have been attempts. My bank contacts me if there is any unusual activity with my account. One time there were charges made in Russia. The bank called me to question it. I assured them I was not in Russia and wasn’t buying anything from there. They took care of it right then.

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  5. Our local branch is 18 miles in one direction or 20 in the other. Having worked for a bank, the first thing is to cancel the relevant card and issue a replacement. Hacking is so common with today;s technology, one of the many reasons we will not have internet banking.

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      1. here are no banks at all here or in the next village. Both have Post Offices but banks on the High Street are rare outside of the cities or major towns. My building society (similar to a bank) is 20 miles away and the next closest is 45.

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    1. Yes, it is. Some banks are more troublesome than others. When this happened to me in Seattle, they sent me a new card the next day and reimbursed the money within few days. Here they go into arbitration and it takes them 42 days minimum


  6. Glad to see it was resolved but do change bank. Not that the next will be any better but that is the one thing we have leverage.
    And I am furious that I say thank you when I am at a bank but they seldom do; only at one country I was greeted Thank you for your business.

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  7. Galling is right! What a horror show for you; sorry you had to go through that mess of red tape. Why is fleecing so easy for the bad guys and getting things straightened out with the bank such a hassle for those of us who are fleeced?!? Something is terrible wrong. Glad it was finally resolved for you.

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  8. And this is why, I cut my complimentary credit card in half, wrote an application for my credit card cancellation, placed both in an envelope and mailed it back to the bank.
    A big NO from me for the credit cards as I’m all YES for the debit card 🙂

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  9. Oh, Sadje, how ungrateful you are to not appreciate living in a country that creates endless jobs through labyrinthine bureaucracies. Where’s your patriotic spirit? 🙂 (and, yes, I am being totally ironic.)

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