Cold weather knocking at the door

As October draws to an end, winter is knocking at our doors. Some people love winter weather while others dread it. Since I, personally love change, I celebrate when weather changes.

The cold of winter

Teaches us about

Keeping our faith

About strengthening relationships

And about sticking together

To celebrate this season

With love and hope

Do not let the misery of cold weather

Invade the warmth of the love in your heart

Instead, let it teach you the value of summer

For it is in contrast that we learn to appreciate

What we are missing in one season and have

The abundance of in the next one!

Imagine how boring it would be for us if the weather stayed the same year around. The changing seasons make us appreciate the beauty of all the different types of climates that have been created for us.

Written in response to; WQW #40: Getting Ready for Cold Weather, hosted by Marsha



60 thoughts on “Cold weather knocking at the door

  1. I would be more than happy if the weather was consistent. We’re in the midsts of flooding again, but at least the bushfires should be lessened to some extent

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  2. Thank you Sadje for your wise counsel so beautifully state.
    Yes, indeed changes are what life is all about. I love the lines:
    “Do not let the misery of cold weather
    Invade the warmth of the love in your heart”
    – bravo!!

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  3. While I enjoy the sun and warmer weather more, your words about embracing all seasonal aspects is wise and so true. As I get older, I enjoy this time of year much more, and in fact quite love the fall. Awesome post, Sadje.

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  4. hehe. Having similar weather is like having a stable partner till death do you part.. It’s not boring, it’s consistent.
    That being said, I love everything else about this post and the lessons of winter. I wish to one day too experience a year of changing seasons. I think i will.🙏🏽🤍

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