Sunday Poser # 103

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

What are things that you enjoy the most when at home?

I enjoy cooking when I’m well. Making something I like and that’s nourishing and easy is my first option. I also like to make desserts, puddings, cakes, and our local desserts like kheer, gajar ka halva ( carrot halva). I usually do this when my kids are coming over for a meal. Because cooking for two is not much fun.

Another thing I love to do is rearrange the furniture. It used to be a regular thing before I was bogged down with different types of handicaps to my moving and rearranging heavy stuff. Now I need the help of one of my kids to do it so I don’t indulge in this activity often.

And of course, blogging and reading are my all-time favorite activities too.

What about you; what thing that you do at home which gives you pleasure and satisfaction?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



87 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 103

  1. Loved your thoughts Sadje..💖..gajar ka halva is my favourite too🥰..Also, I enjoy reading and watching t.v. in free time.. That’s kinda all time favorite.. But yeah spending time with my family especially playing with my lil. brother is also one such thing that gives me pleasure and happiness..

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            1. Hope you feel better soon. I also go it in April and despite vaccination and boosters, perhaps we all WILL get it at least once before it becomes a lesser threat.


  2. I love to watch Netflix and also interested in doing resin crafts. I am not so good at cooking.
    Since I am a college student, I have got only saturday and sunday to spend at home. And I took my major portion of time in preparing for my seminars and projects.

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