I’m sick so gimme heaps bread and lots of hot soup!

You guys might have noticed that I’m not spending much time on my blog these days. I am in grips of seasonal allergy/ flu. Cough, wheezing and sleepless nights are taking a toll. I’m currently with my elder daughter and she is feeding me nice nourishing soups every day.

Since we all are foodies, we enjoy our soup with heaps of garlic bread, buttered and hot from the oven. This food remedy has helped me a lot and so has a visit to the doctor today. He assured me that the chest is clear so it was an allergic reaction to the grass pollen ( or something else). I came home with a bag full of new drugs but they are helping so I am hopeful of sleeping through the night 🤞🏼

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to reading and commenting on your posts soon.


I’m combing two prompts from Sue W and GC, their weekend prompt- Heap and their mid-week prompt Soup



111 thoughts on “I’m sick so gimme heaps bread and lots of hot soup!

  1. I hope you feel better soon Sadje. Chicken soup is considered Jewish penicillin in my family. I started making some yesterday and finished making it today. What currently ails me has nothing to do with a virus or flu. I still want soup to comfort me though. Get lots of rest.

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      1. Our town ‘Dahi’ in the West Narmada valley is unable to celebrate Diwali, in the way it used to be.
        Lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) has serious impact on our cattles.
        But because of my ongoing admission process for PG in the university, I’m enjoying Diwali at Varanasi. (Virus has not yet affected this area) I miss my family, though.

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          1. It’s the time when we have to not just find solutions of diseases like LSD, COVID-19 etc. but celebrate the moments of happiness and understanding their meaning.

            Thank you for your concern.
            Stay happy and healthy.
            P.S.: Keep writing. ✍🏻

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