It’s a Line Prompt this week.

“Why doesn’t the phone ring stop? I’ve pressed all buttons.”


It was early morning, way early for anyone to be waking up. But I heard the alarm go off somewhere. Was it mine I wondered?

I looked for my phone. It was lying innocently silent and dark. But the alarm tone kept on ringing every few seconds. It was close by but not too close. Perhaps it was in another room? Maybe one of the kids had left their cell phone with an alarm on in a secret location?

I checked everywhere but found nothing. Except the irritating buzz buzz. I don’t know when I went back to sleep, wondering about that insistent buzzing but when I woke up in the morning, it was all silent.

Phew! Talk about double edge to modern technology. On one hand, it gives us the convenience of instant connectivity, and on the other the inconvenience of instant connectivity! If you get my drift.

A cell phone makes you its prisoner, dependent on it 24/7. Unhappy without it and stressed out with it.


Written for RXC; PROMPT #253, hosted by Reena



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