Structured life

You have beautiful bone structure”, the makeup artist turned the face of the young bride in the bright studio lights, “but this is the problem with very beautiful faces, it’s easy to overdo and ruin the look”.

The bride looked glowing on her special day, but soon things went downhill and the structure she desired in life never materialized for her or the child she later bore.

Separating from the abusive husband/father was an emotionally draining decision but she took it to provide a better life for her child and herself.

Being a strong-willed woman, she went back to school, earning the highest degree in her field and even moved to another country to earn a doctorate, managing on her own and raising her child as well.

She made a structured life for her small family and now she is justifiably proud of her accomplishments.

Structure in life is very important, it gives us the basic security and stability on which we build our day-to-day lives!

(This is based on a true story and gives hope and inspiration to other struggling in similar situations)


Written for Six Sentence Story- Structure, hosted by Denise



56 thoughts on “Structured life

  1. Structure changes; childhood, marriage, careers, retirement.
    I like the less structured life of retirement. I’ve earned it!
    Going to see a ‘grand’ in a structured sports game.
    We need some rules for working with others 🙂

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