Under the starry sky


When night arrived, he climbed the stairs

It was the time for his premiere pastime

Lying supine on the roof top

Gazing at the string of stars

That celestial show rising tingles

In his mind and traveling to his spine

Visualizing himself in a yoga tantra

He got up totally relaxed and rejuvenated


premier | spine | string | celestial | tantric

Written in response to Greg’s five words weekly challenge




44 thoughts on “Under the starry sky

  1. Hi Sadje, Thank you for being the one and only participant in the inaugural Five Word Weekly. Such a beautiful poem, and excellent use of the prompt words. I remember summer as a kid climbing the old TV antenna and laying on the roof watching for shooting stars and satellites in the night sky. Back when the city lights didn’t blot out the sky the way they do now. It doesn’t help that old TV antenna towers have gone extinct and I’d need to pull the ladder out to get on the roof.

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