One liner- Call on your inner strength

When all or many things start to derail, you need that extra strength that is hidden deep in your heart, only you can deal with your situation”

You might have gathered that I’m not feeling 100% right at this moment. My ankle is achy, I have a cough and fever ( waiting for the home Covid test kit now- Thankfully it’s negative!) I feel like just bawling my eyes out but that won’t help. So I’m relying on my inner strength to tide me over this day.

In response to Linda’s One Liner Wednesday



55 thoughts on “One liner- Call on your inner strength

  1. beautiful response. Sometimes, in very many cases where I’m from, you can only do so much, then pray for luck/divine intervention. I think it’s the same everywhere in varying degrees. I personally, have embraced your principle as well.

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  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. We don’t fully appreciate good health until illness or injury shows up. You are resilient and strong and will power through and be feeling better soon.

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