When the wind blows

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (a Photo or Writing Challenge)

Wind in the sails

Takes my boat

Towards my destination

If the wind blows

In the opposite direction

I need to adjust the position

Of my sails to reach my destination

Standing in an open field,

enjoying the wind in your face,

we become alive, invigorated

for the wind is like the laughter of the nature,

cheering us up!

I love the positivity of this quote. How refreshing to read that all types of weather are good and enjoyable for us.

I specially enjoy the wind blowing through my hair, trying to push me back or forward. It is such an amazing feeling.

Written for WQW # 39- October 12: Air: Wind, Storms, hosted by Marsha



39 thoughts on “When the wind blows

  1. Perfect post, Sadje. I love the line, “the wind is like the laughter of the nature, cheering us up!” I can picture that perfectly. The wind is invigorating. 🙂 I haven’t forgotten about our interview. We’ve been doing garage sale stuff. This week should calm down a bit. 🙂

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