Will she be back?

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a wood table with various objects on it, including an orange knit scarf, a cup of coffee, a leather camera case, a pen, some paper, and a dried flower.


She was here a moment ago!

Her coffee cup is still hot, steam arising from it, her camera and mobile phone on the side waiting for her to come back. The mustard woolen scarf, the one she wore often was lying on the table too when her sister peeked into the study.


Rebecca called her sister but no reply came. But she wasn’t worried. No not then. But when Mandy hadn’t returned an hour later, she started to get agitated. And then freaking out. Where was she?

She never left without her phone and camera, and not without informing her sister.

It’s been 3 days since Mandy has been missing. Rebecca is going off her mind and the police are looking at every possible lead.

Where is she?

Alas, the book Mandy was reading holds the key but the book disappeared with her. Now she is living in past, the life of a simple villager, in 18th century.

And the book…..

It was planted there by a time traveler who was experimenting with ways to lure people into different times by using the book as a portal!

( Sorry the story got a bit dark. But I’m sure where ever Mandy is, she is happy)


Written in response to; FFFC # 189, hosted by Fandango



69 thoughts on “Will she be back?

  1. i don’t think she’d be back. i would love to have the coffee though 😆 thank you for the story, Sadje. i enjoyed it. i think Mandy has become one of the stories in the book. nice!

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