Some odd habits!

Not very odd, just a bit! πŸ˜‚

Jim has asked us to talk about someone with odd habits. Who could I talk about but myself who has many odd habits.

I do talk to myself, sometimes aloud and sometimes in my mind

I like planning way in advance, at time irritating others with this quirk

Nothing I’ve said has ever come true instantly but if it eventually does

I will be the first one to say β€˜ I told you so’ to my family and friends

For food, I eat everything, in no specific order as long as there is no red meat involved

My love for carbs can be definitively described as odd

But my devotion to veggies is one healthy habit I lay claim to

We all created unique and with our own strange habits

Let’s celebrate this diversity with sharing our strangeness with each other!


Written in response to MLMM- Friday Faithfuls, hosted by Jim

This week on Friday Faithfuls, I would like you to share stories about a person that you know who has some odd quirks, or strange habits. Do you know someone who is always talking to them self? This could be about a person eating all of one type of food before moving on to taste the next item on their plate.



101 thoughts on “Some odd habits!

  1. You look great in that photo, Sadje. Thanks for sharing your story, but everyone feels that they are abnormal or different in some way from others, but who is to say what is normal. Nobody can define what it is to be normal and there is no standard for being normal. Since there are a lot of other peopl e that are like you, I would say that you are perfectly normal.

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  2. I talk to myself all the time, out loud even. I think I always have. My mother thought I was a crazy person, so she asked her brother-in-law, a neurosurgeon, what to do about it. He asked “Where does he talk to himself?” Mom said “The bathroom,” and he replied “I talk to myself in the basement.” In other words, he thought Mom was thinking too hard…

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  3. Wonderful photo! I think everyone has something they do that is kind of odd, especially if it’s different that what we ourselves do. Myself, I’m always talking to myself – inside my head, and out loud. There’s probably lots more, but to me it’s not odd in the least! haha πŸ™‚

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  4. Don’t get me started on odd habits Sadje, haha! I’m the King of Odd! πŸ˜› When I’m washing dishes, everything has to be in a certain order; clothes folded in a certain way to name but a few; counting cars as I go on my runs etc etc.

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  5. hmmm… All of your habbits seem very respectable. Not really odd at all.
    An odd habit I have is that often my hubby and I play a game when we see a certain car when we are together. But when I am alone – I play it too πŸ˜‰

    I think not being ordinary keeps folks guessing, and that could be a pleasant and good thing πŸ™‚

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  6. I actually do talk to myself and eat all of one type of food ony plate before moving on to the next. Lol. I also have to finish one thing I’m doing before doing anything else. I absolutely hate to stop what I’m doing to do anything else until I’m done because then it might not get done or take longer than I want it to take. Every time I do something it has to be done the exact same way…every time.

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      1. Yeah I suppose so. I remember another odd habit. I don’t like to step on cracks in the sidewalk or the driveway or anything like that. Naturally occurring cracks maybe if they’re close together but they’re spread apart, I usy try to step over them.

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