It’s okay to be different

Have you ever been called weird?

Strange? Unnatural? Peculiar Or odd?

Those who have a narrow vision would

Call names or put labels on those they don’t understand

I proudly stand and own these names and more

For I am unique and bold, strong enough to be different!


Written for RXC; PROMPT #252, hosted by Reena



70 thoughts on “It’s okay to be different

  1. I guess even insanity is just a different level of existence. The problem starts when it starts disturbing the social structure. The same logic is applied to rebels by so-called ‘guardians of outdated or irrelevant concepts’.

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  2. Reblogged this on Jezzie G and commented:
    Always puzzles me why “normals” think calling us names will hurt – I called myself all the names people use at me years ago and totally own them, so my answer – yes, yes I am how kind of you to notice.

    Oh it is so worth it!!!

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  3. i have this thoughts that I want to become unique in all way. I’m also mad somehow my auntie named her daughter after me. I feel like my name wasn’t unique anymore. Am I still human or just crazy?

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    1. Omg! I always click send when I’m not yet done typing. Lol. Anyway its fun when you’re not a copycat of someone else. Its like I feel i’m the original. Lmao.

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