The young film maker

Three years ago, my grandson discovered Harry Potter at the age of nine.

He also was a great fan of Lego, which resulted in him buying any Lego set that was based on Harry Potter movies.

His mom had put him in a club at school where he learned to make stop-motion videos using inanimate objects.

When I visited them that year in Seattle, he very proudly showed me this video he had made about the scene when Harry and Ron came face to face with Aragog, the giant spider in the forbidden forest.

It took him many hours to shoot this video, and he was justifiably very proud of what he had achieved.

When I read the prompt- Film, I knew I had to share this video he had made, do notice the sign at the end! πŸ˜‚


Written in response to Six Sentences Story- Film, hosted by Denise



98 thoughts on “The young film maker

          1. I think making the video showed he could delay gratification. The premise of the test, for preschoolers in the study, was that that if the child could wait fifteen minutes with the treat in front of them, they’d get two treats. It can be any kind of treat. The study showed that the children who could wait have better work and relationship outcomes in their futures!

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  1. Must be a phone compatability thing Sadje as it’s not playing on mine either! πŸ™ I’ll try again later. Looking forward to seeing it! 😁 Sounds like a talented little fella?! πŸ‘πŸ˜

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    1. It’s complicated. You place the objects in position and take a picture and then move them a bit and take another one. It took him 3 hours to make this 21 seconds movie. 😍

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              1. Yes, that makes sense to me – perfect sense Sadje. Suze used to have a huge tub of Lego that was treasured. She would have it her home and as she had five grandchildren, there was always someone looking to use it. She would love to teach the kids with it.

                It was a sad day for her last year when she let it go to children in the charity shop as she had had that tub since 1975.

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                    1. Yes they can, it’s because the parenting hasn’t been ideal and the grandparent is struggling to cope with her daughter’s and son-in-law’s parenting strategies.

                      Rudeness, lack of courtesy and politeness, no discipline, it’s quite frightening how feral they are also. There’s more to this, but way too much for a single comment.

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                    2. I can imagine. Luckily, I’ve been involved with the raising of my grandson so he is very respectful to me. The others are younger are are being brought t well.

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