The thrill of forbidden

Humans seek to explore the forbidden

Tell someone not to do something is a sure shot formula

To ignite their interest in that particular activity suddenly

Anything that is declared out of someone’s reach becomes most coveted

The non-conformist side of our brain wants to jump into

All that we aren’t supposed to do, see, access or even eat

Better not mention it at all if you want them to not do it at all!

Written for Moon-washed Musings Weekly Prompt – Forbidden, hosted by Eugenia



103 thoughts on “The thrill of forbidden

  1. I think that’s one thing on which I must be different because being forbidden to do something won’t make me want to do it if I understand WHY I shouldn’t do it. I ask for – and I take – advice. It has saved my life. But I always need an explanation. I need to know WHY, not just what.

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  2. Great take on the mind. I agree.

    I’m always surprised by the horror movies tho. Here in Africa, anything supernatural or superstitious is usually let be. I would say we mostly respect what is forbidden. I mean there’s a whole world of mysteries even if you leave the old abandoned shack alone. A lot of it is credited to the mothers and aunts for scaring us shitless about real victims.

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