Need a quiet spot

Woodland – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a shallow stony river meandering through some woodland.


I have discovered that my need to find 

A quiet place has remained constant throughout life

When I was younger, I would go out in the garden

To be by myself, alone with my daydreams and thoughts

And as I grew older, the desire for solitude remained

But was overran by the overwhelming responsibilities of life

Now when I can, I enjoy my alone time, in quietness

I savor the silence, the feeling of being secluded

When I can hear my thoughts and answer them in my heart


Written in response to WritePhoto- Woodland, hosted by KL Caley



66 thoughts on “Need a quiet spot

  1. A quiet place is so much needed to recharge our minds and souls. Life can be hectic at times so the break is well needed. Thanks for your post!

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  2. The image you used reminds me of how lucky I am to have a similar creek that borders my yard.
    I enjoy the quite solitude there… Even when the neighbors children play across the street – I am safe listening to the trees, birds and squirrels 🙂

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  3. Beautiful image that fits your words so perfectly. The last 2 lines resonate quite deeply…too many times we allow the clamor of this world to drown out our deepest desires that our heart is trying to communicate. 💞💞

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