A bit of sleuthing

The image is from shutterstock.com

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a man wearing a yellow raincoat standing, back to the camera, on a wooden path with yellow autumn leaves on the path and on the ground on both sides of the path.


When he heard the sound of voices coming from the abandoned building, he knew that he had to hide because standing in the open space would put him in danger of being caught.

Mathew was on a field trip with his classmates and they were all supposed to be studying the trees in the forest. The reason leaves fall in autumn, turn yellow or other earth colors was the topic of their field trip. But he had decided to play truant. He was roaming around and had abandoned his tree studying group.

He had found an abandoned shed and was about to investigate when he heard the voice of a man discussing something to do with a robbery. He quickly took shelter near the trees and kept listening to the conversation.

As soon as he grasped the gist of the conversation, he silently walked toward where his teachers and classmates were. He quickly informed his teacher about the whole incident. The teacher acted quickly and called the police. Thanks to Mathew, the gang was apprehended. As for Mathew, he was grounded for leaving the group and wandering alone, putting himself in danger.


In response to FSS # 67, hosted by Fandango

Also included FFFC # 188, also hosted by Fandango




66 thoughts on “A bit of sleuthing

  1. A great fable, to include that lessons should be observed regarding protocol even when the motive isn’t terrible or happens to result in very good things.

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