Ideal writing conditions?


” I like working among ‘creative clutter‘ . It gives me a sense of activity and achievement. ” — Fennel Hudson.


I think I have a compulsive desire to have order around me. So when I sit to write I need my surroundings to be reasonably tidy. That would be the physical aspect of my writing surroundings.

Then there is the mental aspect of my writing environment! That just needs to be spic span. By this, I mean that there shouldn’t be pending tasks hanging on my conscience. I like doing things in a certain order, and regarding my writing, I like to be done with other important tasks that I do daily. It’s just a mental quirk but that’s how I like to do things. That is the reason why I write my posts for the next day, the night before. It’s my way of unwinding and being abreast of my blog posts.

I’m writing this post today, and it’ll be published today….. why didn’t I write it last night? The reason was that I was traveling yesterday and was tired. I didn’t even read all the posts in my reader and went to sleep early, promising myself to write this post early morning. So here I am writing this post, under less than favorable circumstances, so the point I’m making here is that I can do it this way too but it’s not my preferred way.

Blogging for me is a hobby, but also a way to express my feelings and thoughts. I like to keep my blogging stress free and yet I’d also like to have a meaningful real life. Meeting family and friends, have time with my grandchildren, all is a part of my day.

Since I don’t know what creative clutter is, I prefer an organized environment around me, where I am at ease so that I can write without stress.


Written for;Blogging Insights NF # 57 : Creative Clutter VS Neatness, hosted by Tanya



61 thoughts on “Ideal writing conditions?

  1. 🤔 Sadje, I also prefer a clean and well-organized working space for blogging.

    However, I am versatile; which means, I can also work with clutter around me.

    You see, the thing is that I listen to music on my headphones when I am writing blog posts (Mentally, it removes me from the outer surroundings and helps me to connect with my inner creative genius).

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  2. Like you, I like to pen my posts in advance. And I prefer to work with as little physical clutter as possible.
    I write and schedule posts in advance. I commend all those who can write and publish the same day. I am still working on that one.

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    1. Thanks Suzette for sharing! I did the same day writing for a while but it’s stressful. And blogging is fun, not a chore so I prefer it to be stress free


    1. Pre-scheduling is such a useful tool. Just double check it after you’ve done the post scheduling. We cannot control what others do in our environment, so I move to my room to write.


  3. I need to be right on the computer where I can jot down ideas as they come and they will be safe. If I get an inspiration elsewhere …. it disappears from my mind just walking from the kitchen to the computer room. 😦
    I often write down a few words on a scrap of paper if I am out and about. By the time I get home, that paper has up and left. 😦

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  4. Well, when I write my posts I don’t write the complete post continuously. I take small breaks between writing.
    And when i start writing there are always noises around me and that’s definitely not a good environment.

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  5. I live in between these two states, maybe organized chaos works, both at home and work, when very busy things tend to be more chaotic, than when things slow down. As to the mind, cluster free always. Excellent post, Sadje.

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  6. I don’t like clutter anywhere. It seems when there is clutter around me, my mind is “cluttered” and doesn’t function at its best. So, I tend to live clutter-free for the most part.

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  7. I have clutter, don’t know that it is creative or not. My folks, had clutter and my grandma had clutter… it runs in the family. I have to have the creativity in my head (but then thoughts often clutter it too!).

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