Is Time Real?

If you have any thoughts on time, please share them today on Friday Faithfuls. If you would like to write a poem about time or share a story, or incorporate a time related song into your post, that would be wonderful.


How can we deny that time exists?

We have invented clocks to measure time but time has always existed since this universe came into existence. Day and night alternate alerting us to the fact that time is passing. Seasons change, years pass and we and other life forms grow. Babies grow up into and adults grow old and pass away. Even the mountain gradually crumble and become lower and lower.

Time is the force of nature

It is the great equalizer in my eyes

The beauty, youth and power all erode with time

Time eases away all our misconceptions about ourselves

No one stays beautiful, young or powerful all through their life

Everything dwindles as time presses on

Avail yourself of the moment you have

Use it to do something good for yourself and others

This minute, this day you have now, you won’t get back again

Use it to live and not just exist

For time flies away never to return


Written in response to Friday Faithfuls, hosted by Jim



74 thoughts on “Is Time Real?

  1. Time , life and sky include all within themselves . Infact ,deep thinking reveals that they ( time ,life and sky ) are not separated but one . Imagination is possible only in limitation . One can not think about the ‘before ‘ that is before the before . In the same way one can not imagin about the ‘after’ that is after the after . So ,every thing including the universe is within before and after . Only in this ‘within’ , the very ephemeral realisation of time is possible . Time exists in this ‘within ‘ . Beyond it ,there is no time .

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    1. Very philosophical thoughts but I agree with you. There are things humans can understand and then there are that are beyond our capacity to comprehend. Thanks I


  2. All I know about time is that either it is shorter or simply goes faster as I get older. Used to be I could cram so much into 24 hours … now, I blink and 24 hours is … POOF … gone! Somebody is messing with time, I tell you!

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  3. Lovely poem Sadje, but I think time passes differently for everything. Our lives are relatively short in comparison to Earth, and Earth is young in comparison to the sun. So, in my opinion the concept of time is very fluid and open to interpretation

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  4. That was Jim Croce who tragically died in a plane crash while is son was still a very young boy. Sadly, he had very little time to share with his son. A sad story but a reminder for us to make the most of the time we have; it’s a gift and a precious commodity. 💕

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  5. Wow, Sadje!! This is such an Awesome piece you have written! I love, love love it! I always love poems/writings about time!! A very powerful and moving message!

    My favorite song about Time is Jim Croce’s – Time in a Bottle

    and also – Yesterday when I was Young by Roy Clark

    Here is a poem I wrote about time although not naming it directly



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  6. Oh, my goodness, you’ve hit on one of my favorite topics.

    Humanity has seen time completely differently in different places and in different eras all around our planet, from the entirely cyclic time sense of the Pacific Islanders to the Maya, who lived by seven (!) calendars, the simplest of which boggled my mind.

    There are dozens of works on my site discussing the malleability of time, which may be accessed by typing that word into its search bar.

    It is interesting to note that, of the many ancient prophecies of these present cataclysmic days, almost none ~ if any ~ actually speak of the “end of the world.” They tell instead of the “end of time” as we presently know it.

    For connection with a group of moderns who feel that an expanded view of time will lead to an expanded reality for all, research the 13/11 calendar movement.

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