Sunday Poser # 101

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

How much thought you give to your post title?

A couple of weeks back I responded to, Tanya’s blogging Insight post asking about our opinion about the value of placing an attention-grabbing headline/ title on a post. I already had prepared this question for my Sunday poser and have decided to ask you this question despite it being discussed.

My approach towards selecting the title for my post has changed dramatically since Mason of Mason’s Menagerie advised me to not use the name of the challenge I’m responding to as a title.

I try to find something catchy, interesting, and attention-grabbing as a headline for my post. Sometimes I start with one word as the title of my post and when I’m done writing, I’d change it accordingly to the text of my writing. And there have been oops moments when I’ve published a post without a title or with the working title I started with. Luckily, I’ve often caught this blunder in time but I’ve had to change the title of my published posts sometimes.

How you choose to head your post makes a lot of difference in how it is viewed.

What about you; do you give a lot of thought to your post’s titles or just choose them according to what you’ve written?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



183 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 101

  1. I put a lot of thought into titles ~ I think they’re really important. I try to come up with something clever or sometimes the name of a song (even if the post isn’t about a song). I love wordplay and fun titles that have a bit of a twist. Despite having a smaller number of followers than many here, I get a lot of views and I believe my titles have something to do with that!

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  2. Especially with poetry, I think, titling can be challenging. I know I don’t give it a lot of time in thought, though sometimes I should 🙂

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  3. How much thought you give to your post title?

    So much, that once I came up with the title “Without Title”.

    Hi Sadje, Your posts are my best friends. When my days do not pass well or I feel ‘too lazy to act’, you come up holding an energy booster drink, saying “Lokesh, It’s time to act. Let’s do it.”

    Keep writing. Because I might visit your posts whenever I feel to do some gossips. It’ll not possible to comment here for the next 3 months. You know the reason.

    Stay healthy and happy😊

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  4. It depends on the post: If it’s a poem, then a title that fits the theme best; If it’s a short story, one that hints at the subject without giving away the ending or surprise twist; if it’s an article, then a title that’s “catchy.” As for SEO purposes, I don’t do the research I probably should, but I know that certain words perform better in searches, etc.

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      1. Good morning, I’m doing okay thanks. Just looking at the #WDYS prompt picture today. It’s intriguing, the lady looks dressed as a princess, the male figure doesn’t seem human. A bit like Beauty and the Beast isn’t it?

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  5. Hi Sadje 🙂

    I arrived here via Stine’s pingback.

    I’ve quickly scanned this & also the “value” post you linked to.

    I pay a lot of attention to titles. In grad school (please don’t ask *when* 😉 ), I even did empirical research on the way people interpret titles.

    AFAICT, neither this post nor the value post has very much to do with “life after 50 for women”, which IMHO is (or *ought to be*) the context for all the posts you publish here (I will simply ignore the fact that your URL is missing hyphens for spaces, and that the string “lifeafter50forwomen” is actually undefined).

    You and others might be interested in — which describes the way (again: IMHO 😉 ) context and content are linked.

    🙂 Norbert

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Norbert. The site was started for this purpose in mind but then I started doing other things too. I’m not interested in creating a niche for my blog but to write what I feel like.

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  6. For me, I always try to add a catchy title( but sometimes, I won’t spend much time in thinking about the same, if I’m in the middle of a busy schedule) . Catchy titles can make the post more attractive and moreover it can generate an interest in readers. So according to me, titles should be attractive, but also should have a hidden connection to the content.

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  7. For me, the title usually reflects on the content but the image is also important, along with the tags. Tie them altogether and the reader shouldn’t be stumped on what I want to convey. But I agree that the title should grab the reader’s attention.

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  8. I put lots of thought into the titles of my posts. I want them to be accurate, yet intriguing. I rarely add anything to the title that suggests I’m joining in a prompt or challenge if I do so. Of course it’s been a long time since I did a prompt or challenge… 🤔

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  9. This is a great subject to consider. I believe you are right in choosing and interesting title. My titles almost always come after the write. I try to take the familiar and twist it a little to make the reader have to read it again and hopefully click on it.

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  10. It’s a very good question, and one that is important. I agree with your strategy. I don’t spend a lot of time coming up with a title, yet do take my time reflecting to make sure the title chosen is the one. Sometimes, I will go back and change a poems title, as an insight will direct me to do so. 😁

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  11. I probably don’t put as much effort into coming up with a grabbing title as I should, for there simply aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. But, I know many people, sometimes myself included, will decide to read or not to read a news article or blog post based simply on the title, so if it isn’t catchy and the person’s time is limited, as is the case with most of us, you lose and the reader will move on to something that catches his attention.

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  12. Brilliant question and blog Sadje. I do take a lot of thought in my titles and headings when drafting a new blog post, I take hours to do so because I want to produce the best quality content. In regards to fashion and style, I research and read books then if a word that will match my outfits and ways to dress works, I take it and combine it for example I once wrote a blog titled ‘FASHION IS NOT FOR THE WEALTHY IT IS FOR THE WILLING’ , this blog post got 32 likes and 12 comments , one of the most liked post this year so yeah writing a catchy topic is crucial to grab audience attention🔥🔥🔥👏👏

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  13. As others have said, I like a good bit of humor. However, since I’m just starting out and my initial posts are more serious in nature, I try to find that balance between interesting and informative. I’m have a feeling they will lend more to more wit as the subjects get less heady.

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  14. I try to come up with attention grabbing titles, but I get lazy and sometimes just pull a word or phrase from my poem to make the title. Also when you have been writing poetry off and on for about 40 years, every title sounds either familiar or stupid. Ha, ha!

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  15. Now I started putting a lot of thoughts into it. I try to be straight to the point so the reader knows what’s my blog is about. I’m still not satisfied with all my titles. Sometimes I get frustrated and just write anything. I need to stop that thou

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  16. Nice post!

    Choosing the right title for your blog post can be challenging at times. You have to keep characters length in my mind, an enticing title, Google’s recommendation, and other writing guidelines that people who, like myself, write for a living are inclined to be aware of.

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  17. I am super new to the blog world so I just name them on the fly but try to make them quirky. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve just realized the power they wield!?

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  18. Titles are hard for me. my blog is about holistic health. so i don’t know how to make more interesting title for Vitamin c. So it can be hard. I just keep trying . I feel with time I am getting better so hopefully it will get better with time.

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