What a beautiful sight, windmills using wind energy to generate power. The cheapest way to produce electricity, often ignored because no big industry is benefiting from it.

Windmills in someone’s head is a phrase used to indicate that someone has something wired wrong in their thinking. These days you’d meet many people about whom we can claim that they have windmills in their heads, for they are thinking everything they hear or read on social media is the absolute truth.

Whatever the use of a windmill, their sight, standing like giant fans whirling in the air gives a feeling of elation to the observer!

Written for CCC # 204, hosted by Crispina Kemp



73 thoughts on “Windmills

  1. I like the idea of the windmills but we are in the minority. Wyoming is a great place for them as wind is always plentiful here and there are many wide open spaces to place them. They are huge and can be quite noisy and of course bird lovers protest against them. But once in place they are a great source and energy saver.

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        1. I think that it’s good the people/ states/ government are realizing the importance of using renewable resources for energy. Over here, we are trying to shift to solar power. It’s a one time expense and long term benefits for us and the planet too.

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          1. Ah, OK. I can see why we have them in Ludington because it’s right along the coast of Lake MI. The other ones are smackdab in the center of the lower peninsula, which may be a wind corridor also.

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  2. We have a few ‘windmill’ farms here. But there is debate on their efficiency and detriment to birds.
    There are always good and bad with anything that ‘helps’. It would be helpful if folks got fined for producing opinions as fact. But those ‘odd ball papers with weird stories’ would go out of business… would that be a bad thing? I should say would it be a bad thing to actually print facts without offering opinions. Our own local news paper has a bais. But it is the only one in town – unless we want one from out of state. And even that one has its own slant, though some folks believe everything that is printed in it.

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    1. I know how even educated people believe some things which are baseless by politicians. Wind Mills May be dangerous for the birds till they learn of the danger and avoid them. The burning of fossil fuel is dangerous to us all.

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      1. There is now a new product – instead of putting heavy solar pannels on top of an existing roof… the shingles are solar pannels…
        And there are places that have flat roofs that have greenery growing to help keep the building cool and warm.
        One parking garage took the south side and planted vine type plants to help keep the building shaded and keep the building dryer.
        There are things we can do. Some cost more though big companies are working at bringing down those costs.

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          1. We just more or less had a new roof put on… the builders won’t guarantee their materials A) if you put something on top of it…The older soler pannels that have lots of weight B) all the nail holes through the singles for instulation of the older bulky pannels. But if you need a new roof and you can get the shingle solar panel built in? We have homes in our area that have the bulky kind. But too far north and not enough sun light any solar paneling isn’t worth it. Maybe geo thermal heating would be better.

            Also old singles shouldn’t have new shingles put on top… the old shingles should always be removed – two or three layers of singles is too much weight for regular home roofs and even homeowner insurance won’t cover damage if the new roof isn’t put on correctly.

            Good luck however you go.

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              1. We’ve got a factory or too here that have solar panels on the huge roof. I wonder just how much they actually generate.

                I was reading the other day that somewhere in Texas… I think. Some new homes were being made with concrete but by computer 3D printing. Always something new!!

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                    1. I remember reading about how some homes in Africa were maded with empty 2 litre bottles in the interior of the walls to help with both cooling and keeping warm (recyclinging those bottles for insulation – darn good idea!).

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  3. I learnt something about wind turbines the other day. They only last three years, then they start to crack and have to be replaced. They’re made of steel and often filled with concrete in the bases, both terrible for the environment

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  4. We had a windmill farm on the outside of our old home town. At first I thought it was wonderful, but as it grew, it became an eyesore. It disrupted the beauty of nature. Most of them stand still, some are on the ground rusting. There’s good and bad.

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  5. I like how you’ve given a balanced view of the use of turbines. Living on the coast, beside them, we hear of the deaths of so many seabirds. I’m not sure what my opinion is. I do know the turbines alone are not enough, they’re the full answer to our energy crisis. But they are a help. And they are majestic on the skyline 😊

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