Club members only

Some people dream of belonging to an exclusive club, where they get privileges others are denied.

These clubs are a remnant of an elitist society that chooses to differentiate between the haves and have-nots.

A prerequisite of this mindset is the bragging that goes with this privilege, telling everyone that oh, you know we belong to this exclusive club where only the rarified echelons of society are permitted to step foot in, oh! how I hate this type of thinking.

I am thinking of starting my own club, one where only the very ordinary, totally average people will be allowed to join, and no one who proclaims to be above us mere mortals can be a part of it.

I need a name for this club of mine, and I was thinking; “the gang of always ordinary, averages”, how does that sound to you?

The only thing to watch out for is that this exclusive ordinary-ness doesn’t go to our heads making us think that being totally ordinary may make us special or better than others!


Written for Six Sentence Story- Club, hosted by Denise of Girlie on the edge’s blog



109 thoughts on “Club members only

      1. Stamp club? Football club. Anyone can join a club …. night club? No, the last one is me having fun.

        Rotary clubs do a lot of excellent work for the community.

        But clubs and associations are dying these days, not because of the specificity of being elitist but due to decreasing numbers, and mostly because people don’t think or don’t have the time.

        People nowadays want a club to serve them in and for all their ways.

        Of course, if you are referring to members-only clubs – then even your concept of averaging everyday folks would still require members and, in its ranks, would become an elitist gathering and socialising of elitists if others held the view that any community of people was an elitist club.

        People now are so focused on not belonging to anything community-orientated that they are almost a club in themselves. YET, here in WordPress, we are a club, just hidden under the guise of calling ourselves a writer’s community. People who don’t write might call this community club elitist.

        Perhaps it is not the club at fault, but the organisers of these venues charging their higher fees and people with more money or higher incomes than everyday folks are seen as rotten eggs because they can afford to join and become a member. Therefore the elitist behaviour is not merely down to the club but the arrogance of the members.

        Interesting topic, Sadje.

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        1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rory. Yes, the clubs everyone can be a part of are not elitist. In my country, most of these clubs are that kind, membership cost the earth and only limited to the selected members.

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              1. Again it is the very nature of society Sadje.

                People wish to be seen as separate from people different to them – that is age old – there is nothing wrong with that. It’s the behaviour that can arise from that which can create problems.

                Not everyone is guilty, many are.

                Also it comes down to how the club organisers instil and introduce the behaviours that belong to the club that members adopt and adapt to.

                People always want to belong to something Sadje, they feel compelled to be part of a wider community, a tribe or which and whatever it might be perceived as.

                People want community.

                I have no desire to be part of the clubs you mention or had at the concept of this post, they bore me. I don’t like being part of a tribe with any regularity and yet in itself that thought pattern separates me from the majority and some might feel l am being elitist.

                I am not, it is merely the way l am, l prefer to be seen much of the time as an outsider to the community.

                I am more of a backstage community player and not so much the social entity of a social club.

                WordPress is in the main by comparison made up of special cliques or people, small social clubs but is part of a wider community of like minded people.

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  1. Once when visiting Africa, I saw a Pygmy standing beside a dead Elephant.
    I asked if he had killed the Elephant.
    He said yes.
    How did you kill it I asked.
    He said with my club.
    Astonished I asked him how big was his club?
    He replied, there’s about twenty of us. 😂😂

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  2. Problem with your well-meant premise is some people are more or less ‘ordinary’ than others. Who decides what’s ‘ordinary’ enough? And why not just ignore snobs? … other than that, where do I join? 😉 ❤

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  3. I love this Sadje!
    “I am thinking of starting my own club, one where only the very ordinary, totally average people will be allowed to join, and no one who proclaims to be above us mere mortals can be a part of it.”

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  4. To be a member of a club is to be exclusive. We all want our exclusive club. Someone who thinks the same as us, common interests, people we can relate to. The club I would join is the “ let’s all get along together club”. Wonderful, thought provoking six, Sadie, live long and prosper.

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  5. To belong – that is what we are doing here as a blogging community supporting our friends.
    Are any of us more ordinary than others? I think respect goes miles when we offer our true selves through our writing.

    I was just talking with a ‘relative’ the other day who had to wait for two hours for transportation, but they got to use the exclusive lounge. They did earn it by traveling with that company for many trips. But would it really have been that different to wait with the general public? Two hours really isn’t that long to wait. Now if that lounge had a place to nap! I suppose though that the chairs were more comfortable 😉

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          1. We have always gotten to airports early and since only ‘fliers’ are allow to wait for planes now – there always seems to be enough chairs – though not recliners 😉

            As well as plenty of overpriced food and tricket shops! I actually saw a vending machine for ‘computer coins (bitcoin?) the last airport I was in!!

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              1. I’ve read articles where famous people have lost Bitcoin (or other electrionic fund accounts) – I’m still old school – I’m not fond of so much computer interraction in regards to banking or medical records.

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                  1. We all need to do what we are comfortable with. Once the paper statements stopped, I kinda lost intrest in ‘banking’. I must be one of the last folks on earth to use cash for most of my shopping.

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                    1. I worry about the ‘cards’ getting stolen. But then I don’t carry that much cash around either. Depends on the area too. When we go away ‘cards’ are good.

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  6. Nothing wrong with clubs. Any organized group interested in a specific activity or interest, I suppose, could be called a “club”, right?!
    Six Sentence Stories is a blog hop but by the fact people who enjoy writing join in every week, might we qualify as a “club” 😉

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  7. Reminds me of a thought I had when I was younger. Unauthorized autobiographies are generally written about famous people, but what about us average people? I thought I would write an autobiography titled “The Authorized Autobiography of An Average Person.”

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