October Poetry Challenge- An acrostic poem

Your challenge is to write an acrostic poem celebrating a beloved person or companion animal. The first letter of the first word in a line matches that letter of the person’s name. What is unique about their personality? Twenty three word maximum. G-rated please.


As I don’t use my real name on my blog, I’d also maintain the privacy of my husband. So an ode to my hubby, affectionately called Honey


How can I thank you

Open minded, open hearted

Never disappointing

Ever loving

You, always you!


Word count; 16

Written in response to Rebecca’s October poetry challenge



82 thoughts on “October Poetry Challenge- An acrostic poem

  1. That’s so lovely. And what a good way of protecting his anonymity. I decided I couldn’t publish the poem on my blog, but only send it direct to Rebecca’s. Yours is a much better idea. Though my husband doesn’t have a suitable pet name …

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