Beating at chess

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a man playing a game of chess and his opponent is extending an arm to move a piece. The opponent is a robot.


Alfred was known as a chess master. Gradually his fame grew and people started challenging him to chess duels. He mostly won against them and felt so proud of his accomplishment.

One day an inventor challenged him to win a chess match against the robot he had created. Alfred was not very keen on this match because he knew that a robot had a computer for a brain and it was hard to win against it. The inventor offered him money if he won the match.

But what if I lose the game?” He asked.

Well I’m that case I’ll give you the second prize but you’ll have to admit that the robot is a superior player.

Alfred grudgingly agreed to the conditions.

Alfred’s nephew was a high school student and he came up with a plan to beat the robot.

When the match started, he started with his opening move. Which was a random and unexpected one. The computer was programmed according to classic chess moves. It paused and was unable to counter Alfred’s moves.

As the game progressed, the robot became slower and slower, and midway it just seized. Alfred was playing chess like a 5-year-old, with random moves which fried the robot’s circuits and he won the match.

He shared the prize money with his nephew as he was the master planner here.


Written for FFFC # 187, hosted by Fandango



62 thoughts on “Beating at chess

  1. I love chess! ♟️

    So there’s an advantage to being crazy and unpredictable after all.

    This made me remember a certain Someone who said to NOT conform to the pattern of this world.

    Amazing share ❤️️

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