When pain takes over

For those brave people suffering from chronic pain

Have you experienced chronic pain?

It feels as if it’s the only thing in your life

You cannot think or feel anything beyond pain

What is funny or sweet, it all lose their meaning

When your body is demanding constant attention

Words of sympathy, gestures of empathy

Often go unnoticed or unappreciated

For the mind is constantly struggling with pain

Anyone who knows a sufferer of chronic pain

Should be very understanding and forgiving

For when we ourselves are faced with this challenge

We truly know what they are really going through


These last 3-4 months have thought me a valuable lesson. Pain is one of the feelings that can only be appreciated by the sufferers and others can only guess at the mental state of the one experiencing it. Be kind, be understanding and most of all generous for if they speak harsh words, they don’t mean it.



67 thoughts on “When pain takes over

  1. Well said Sadje. You’re so right in what you said, only another sufferer of chronic pain or chronic health conditions can relate to what you’re experiencing. I think we also need to show ourselves that compassion and support too

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  2. Well said, Sadje.
    I like, ” For when we ourselves are faced with this challenge
    We truly know what they are really going through”
    Like my daughter put it when someone made light of what she was going through, ” only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. ”
    Stay blessed my friend.

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