Oh this is….. growing old?

Dodgy memory

Creaking joints

Painful hands

Flaky temper

Fragile heart

Leaky eyes

Is this growing old?

Forgetful mind

Forgiving heart

Open arms and home

Acceptance all around

Happy to see them

No complaints

Is this growing old?

Growing old

Can be a blessing

Or a curse

We can look at it

From any angle

And then decide

If we are

Just happy to be alive

Or fed up with growing old!




61 thoughts on “Oh this is….. growing old?

  1. I think acceptance is the hardest part, but I agree with Rebecca – great way of looking at it. I have to say right now my hubby is driving me mad boasting about how he’s now retired while I still have to drag myself out of bed early in the morning and go to work some days while he stays in bed.

    I also agree with Rebecca about choosing our attitude – that really makes a difference as to how we cope with growing old

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  3. I always fear getting old because people make it sound terrible, but I want to get older and still live my life. I’m quite young and constantly in pain that I fear that’s only going to get worse. 😩 I want that option, I want to enjoy myself and not peak when I’m older.

    It makes me happy seeing people’s blogs and knowing that they’re blogging about anything or even doing activities instead of digging their grave and doing nothing but complaining about random teens online. Thank you for posting this.

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