Driving nightmares

Teaching driving to my daughters fell to me when they were of age. If any of you has gone through this experience, you’d know that it is enough to give you cold chills whenever you think back to that time.

They turned out to be very good drivers, better than me. But teaching a teen how to drive is a nightmarish experience. So even so many years later I sometimes dream/ nightmares of those days, when I’m sitting impotently with them, pressing the invisible brakes, ducking from the traffic coming from the sides, all without any external sign of distress, so as not to damage their confidence. A false smile plastered to my face, while I furtively wipe sweat from my brow.

I’m so glad that I don’t have to teach anyone to drive anymore.

What about you, did you teach anyone to drive from scratch?


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87 thoughts on “Driving nightmares

  1. My ex taught my eldest, but he disappeared before it was my younger daughter’s turn. I had to do it, and I thought it was great because we got coffee, put on some tunes, and then I’d proceed to rant about men. She was less thrilled as I’d forget to tell her to turn and stuff… but she is a great driver now!

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  2. I’ve never taught anyone to drive before, but I have been on the other end of the experience since my father was the one who taught me to drive. And I remember that his knowledge and presence were a great comfort to me, which I’m sure was exactly the case for your kids as well. ^_^

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  3. I sat in the car with my daughter so she could practice her driving. I remember she was trying to do a three-point turn (which was more like 20). Someone, in another car, was laughing at her, and she got really annoyed at that person.

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  4. My daughter finished with driving school; and has been pestering me to help brush up her skills.

    And I’m finding it hard to relent. The very thought of your nightmares gives me heebie-jeebies too, Sadje.
    But; at the same time inspires a certain confidence that I too can.

    If I choose to! 😄😃😅😂

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  5. I taught my adult friend to drive when she was about to move to a city without good public transportation; on a manual transmission! It was challenging and scary sometimes. She practiced with me for a couple weeks, then she bought a car and finished learning on her own in her new city. Not sure whether Evan or I will teach Eagle in 2 years…

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  6. I remember teaching my son to drive. He is naturally easygoing so teaching him was a piece of cake. However, my daughter is a good driver but drives because it is a necessity and not because it is an enjoyment, was a little hesitant.
    Every time we needed to exit, she would ask, “Mum, is the lane clear, should I exit?” By the time I turned around, made sure that the lane was clear, and was about to say yes, snd she was ready, we would have passed our exit! So she ended up making a whole lot of “U” turns. Haha

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  7. Oh, Sadje, Every word you wrote is true! My husband tried to teach ME to drive while we were still dating (I think I was 17 yrs old). On our first attempt I almost ran someone over and that was the end of my lessons with him. I went to a professional driving instructor who taught me well enough to pass my road test on my first try. When the time came for our sons to learn to drive, we didn’t even bother to teach them. They went through the driver’s ed course available at school and both passed the test on the first attempt. They are very good behind the wheel, driving their families around town and cross-country. I never really wanted to drive but once I learned how, I loved it and soon became the driver of the family, giving my husband a well-deserved break. Just between you and me, I’m a better driver than he is! Lol! 🚗

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      1. Yes, Sadje, I can relate having had 3 surgeries on my left leg. Normally that would not interfere with driving because most people use only their right foot on both the gas and brake. I, however, use BOTH feet when driving – left for brake and right for gas (obviously! lol!) I was not taught that way but somehow fell into it and is the only way I can drive. Fortunately, I have never gotten my feet confused lol! After my surgeries I was able to resume driving and I’d be lost without the ability to just get in my car and drive wherever I need to go. If you’re not comfortable driving then you shouldn’t do it but as you say, in an emergency it is a great asset. I wish you very few emergencies, my friend. 🌹

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  8. After one horrific lesson when my father tried to teach me – I vowed I’d pay for lessons for my own children. So much easier on both the parent and student driver that way! 😀

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