One Liner- Waiting for the master

Photo by Max Zhang on Unsplash

My master left me here to wait for him, it been some time and though I’m hungry and need to go too, I will wait for him patiently because I have full faith that he’ll come back for me!


Though this is no quote or one Liner ( it is just one sentence story) I was moved by the sweet expression of this puppy and it’s patient stance. If a dog can have faith and trust in his/her owner, why we, the creations of such a Kind and Generous Creator don’t have in God Almighty? God never disappoints us.

Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday

Also included, Flash fiction for the purposeful writer # 40, hosted by Roger Shipp



37 thoughts on “One Liner- Waiting for the master

  1. One liner story. It seems an interesting concept.

    I actually had a similar incident on yesterday evening. A cute puppy were trying to pass through the human crowd.

    The puppy got one of the shopkeeper’s young child’s attention. The child was so excited to play with a new friend.

    But the father stopped him.

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