WDYS # 152 -A Roundup post

This week I posted my response on Tuesday, my mother’s death anniversary.

Fantastic entries again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

David; Mother and child

Punam; Mother’s embrace

Reena; Entwines

Diana; Mother’s love

Keith; Story time

Jane; Reflection

Jim; The center of human feelings

The novel reader; What do you see # 152

Grace; Bond

Isadora; A child is born

Sylvia; Motherhood Quadrille

Eugenia; Moonlit dreams

Christine; Dear baby

Ami; Mother’s birthday

Audrine; First love

Chaya; A miracle

Benjamin; How does it feel?

Suzette; Cradle

Maria; Hush little baby

Lakshmi; Everyday moments

Yinglan; Before it’s too late

Brenda; New beginnings

Sadje; 55 years without you

Ken; Source of comfort

Sandy; Hope held close

Tessa; What do you see # 152

Hammad; A life of 14 days

Brandon; Be

Sangeetha; It was

Fandango; We’ll be fine

Carol; To my amazing mom

Inkdrop; Snug as a bug

Nancy; An aunt’s lament

Jules; Destiny’s children; bound and released

O’Nika; Love and acceptance

Goutam; Spirit of endurance

Michnavs; In heaven

Pamelap; Lullaby cuddles

I am grateful to all those who have read, shared and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks for reading.




16 thoughts on “WDYS # 152 -A Roundup post

    1. No we don’t burn candles. If it’s a new death, people gather to recite Quran or offer prayers for the deliverance of the departed. Otherwise we just remember them in our hearts. Though you’re right that all revealed religions have much in common.


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