Friday Faithfuls – Writing for multiple prompts

This week Jim asks our opinion about writing a post using Multiple prompts;

“The whole purpose of a writing prompt is to inspire bloggers to write and be original and resourceful. If you write posts where you respond to multiple prompts, I would love to hear your thoughts on this


When I started to blog and discovered the daily prompts, I really enjoyed using as many of them as I could in one post/ poem. It challenged my imagination and often the results were admired by my readers.

Sometimes the prompts were so divergent that they wouldn’t go together no matter what I did so I’d leave the ones which didn’t fit in. Same challenge was faced when I used to do the wordle, that was posted twice on the weekend.

By doing these multi-prompt posts, I learned a lot about writing. I learned to use my imagination to think out ways to fit in all these prompts. But when one does daily prompts, it can be stressful as some of the prompts came in very late for me ( I live in a different time zone) and gradually I stopped doing them. Another reason was that I cut down my daily posts from 4 to 2.

These days I do weekly, monthly or bi-weekly prompts and usually pre-schedule my post the day before. That way I make my writing stress free. At times I use two images in the same post if they fit together. Or one of the prompt image with my Wednesday quote post. The reason for this is that I don’t want to post more than twice a day. I sometimes do post more but it’s not my regular schedule.

Another interesting,g point that Jim brought up was that do I feel obligated to respond to prompts hosted by those bloggers who are regular participants in my 2 challenges ( WDYS and Sunday Poser)? Yes that is a consideration at times. It’s sort of a courtesy that many bloggers show each other.

So that is my take on handling multiple prompts. What about you? Do you write in response to challenge or prompts?


Written for Friday Faithfuls- Multiple prompts, hosted by Jim



62 thoughts on “Friday Faithfuls – Writing for multiple prompts

    1. Thanks Jim! Yes, doing daily prompts, coupled with my self-imposed deadlines was making it too much stressful for me. Now though I miss this challenge to my creativity/imagination, I feel better not having to do this every day. But I must say it was a great learning experience.

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  1. I love the two twelve word prompts and combining other single prompts because it’s more of a challenge, and it’s fun. I don’t take blogging/writing so seriously that I think anyone is offended whether or not, among thousands of bloggers, I choose to do this or write a single prompt word post.

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  2. Hi
    I liked your take on writing for multiple prompts and it sounds like you found what worked for you for your needs so you can schedule a bit –
    And I don’t really do writing challenges right now – but a few years ago I made myself dizzy trying to combine too many prompts and challenges
    I feel a little guilty now by only joining very few prompts – but it was busy dizzy!

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  3. It’s amazing to see the creative results of 2-3 prompts in one post! Also, lovely to read your thoughts, been a while since I was here. PS: I love your prompts and the enthusiastic responses you receive for them! I hardly add very specific tags to posts but I have a separate tag for WDYS.

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  4. When I first started writing my blog I did some challenges, but rarely any prompts. I always felt trapped by the rules of the challenges and limited by the well-intended prompts. Thus I stopped doing them. Instead I’d rather just visit bloggers who visit me, and connect that way. Much less structured, like me.

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  5. I agree that writing a single response to multiple prompts is more challenging, thus requiring more creativity. I read a response from one blogger who incorporated 3 different prompts, which I thought was very clever. I, myself, have not taken on such a challenge, but one of these days I’ll try. 😬

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    1. When the words align, it’s not difficult to make it work. But whatever you write needs to make good sense too. That was the reason I discontinued because sometimes it was just rubbish

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  6. Today, not much. I was a contributor to your What Do You See prompt for some time, yet not at this time. Though, I do participate in your Sunday prompt every week, and K Hartless’s petite prompt on Mondays. Prompts are always fun.

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  7. I don’t tend to do as many prompts in Earthly Comforts as l once did on the Guy blog. When l do partake in prompts today l tend to not create a post for them but respond in the comments section and this is only because l am trying display a certain genre and not a mixed bag of eclectism.

    I didn’t multiptompts to one post, what irked me and still does to a degree is when people respond to prompts and highlight the prompts within their response. a small edit at the bottom of the post would be sufficient as unless readers are blind they can see for themselves when the prompts phrases or words are, surely?

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      1. I would say that is the best way to do it. I think highlighted and linked words in a body of text, especially not an official document spoils the reading.

        Highlighted words at the bottom are more than adequate.

        But is it essential to have highlighted words and phrases in the body of prompt text? Not really. It’s a habit people have adopted from the commencement of blog prompts and never bothered to alter.

        The prompt is the creator’s vision of the exercise, but the responder is the writer of the original text, so the text should appear unblemished.

        It also reminds me of the concept behind clarification prompts – for the visually challenged – this image denotes the following …

        How many visually challenged writers respond to these challenges if they are visually challenged? What do they see if they are challenged sight-wise? I have always been curious about that.

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        1. I started describing the image at Carol of therapy bits behest. She is legally blind and she does take part in my prompts.
          I started doing the highlighting/ adding the link to the prompt word when I started doing them as I saw others doing it. Then Paula pointed out a better way to do it and I adopted that.

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  8. At first I thought one could/should only respond to one prompt per post. Some hosts even said that they didn’t want any prompt mashing. I didn’t start prompt mashing, but I find it a relief when I am busy and I think it stimulates imagination to put all those puzzle pieces together. So I’m all for it 🙂

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  9. I join in on the prompts very sporadically. My writing time is so limited, and I have way too many projects in the works all at once, so if a prompt really fires a idea, I jot it down and join in…but usually late, lol. Hopefully someday I will be able to devote more time to my writing and be able to join in more often! I love seeing what the prompts inspire from those I follow, though!

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  10. Great post, To answer your question I don’t use writing prompts nor do I engage in these challenges but one day I should try it, it can improve my writing to a higher level I guess. I am glad these imaginations made you learn a lot about writing and that readers admired it👏👏

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  11. My main issue is that I usually read prompt blogs too late, and also, when I read a prompt, I don’t automatically get inspiration out of it. Plus, I need to be in the right mindset and have enough energy to respond to a prompt.

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