Practicing tying a knot

As a kid, I was a girl guide and my brothers were Boy Scouts.

The girl guides weren’t taught anything regarding camping but the Boy Scouts were taught all the skills they’d need to survive in the wild, including setting up a tent, making fire, and tying knots.

My younger brother was very close to me and he used to share whatever he learned in his lessons, so I too learned the basic survival skills, including tying different sorts of knots; nautical knots, reef knots, and slip knots.

Learning how to tie a reef knot was a useful skill as it meant I could secure two things with rope or string with no fear of the knot slipping.

The things we learn as children have a way of slipping into our deep subconscious and making them instinctive so whenever I want to secure something, I automatically tie a non-slip knot.

This word took me back half a century to the days when we were eager to learn new skills and then show them off to others to impress them.


Written in response to Six Sentences Story- Knot, hosted by Denise, of the Girlie on the edge’s blog



57 thoughts on “Practicing tying a knot

  1. Hey Sadje, I was going to “like” and comment on this post, but when I tried, it brought up a message that said “Oops! That page can’t be found.” Maybe you took down the post or maybe something went wrong, but I thought I would let you know. Hope you are well! Brandon Ellrich

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  2. I enjoyed this post, Sadje 🙂 It took me right back: I always thought we girls got the short end of the stick when I was younger. I HATED Home Economics and I couldn’t understand why the boys got to do all the fun stuff in Shop Class, like making lamps and wooden treasure chests, and learning about watts and voltage and other interesting stuff. I didn’t last long in Girl Guides because, well, it wasn’t all that interesting to me. I’m sort of glad, now, that I don’t have a brother: I’d have been so envious to know of how much more fun the Boy Scouts were having 😕 From what I hear, it’s different now. Lucky girls 🙂💕🙏

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    1. Yes, thanks are more equal now then they were when we were kids. Girl guides were rather glorified home economics students. Sewing badges was one activity I remember. Then we were asked to do stuff for the Red Cross which was a good cause. Thanks for visiting.

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  3. Thank you Sadje, your words took me back a ways too…in good ways. The skills learned when very young do last a lifetime. This post reminds me of a saying:
    “Train up a child when they are young in the ways that they should go; and, when they are older they will not depart from it.”

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      1. I think some newsy folks need to stop giving certain people headlines. We don’t need every detail. If wrong was done – let the police handle it and report on it when it is done.

        This way the folks who trive at and get attention, get less and might just go away. I know – I’m dreaming 😉

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