Oh no!

The image is from the WordPress Free Photo Library.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows an upset or angry woman squeezing her head with her two hands, fingers outstretched.


He hadn’t realized that he had passed the point of no return until he walked in the bedroom and saw his wife with her hands clutching her head and screaming loudly; “I know what you do for a living Mark! How can you!”

Mark tried to think of something to say but his mind seemed frozen. “ It’s like this….. what you’re thinking is not correct……”

Don’t lie to me. I know that the FBI is investigating your company and they even came to our home today. As soon as they get hold of any evidence they’ll arrest you. And you’ll end up in jail and I’ll lose everything, even our home. How could you?”

Mark changed track and became aggressive. With unbecoming boastful pride he said, “they won’t find anything to connect me to the drug smuggling. I’ve handled this business in a way that there will be nothing to connect me to it!”

You mean to say that your name is nowhere linked to the rent of the warehouse where they found the drugs?” she said.

Yes, there is no document that can implicate me. And if you say anything, it won’t be acceptable as you’re my wife!”

At that moment, the door to the bedroom opened and a police detective, followed by armed men entered. “Thanks, Mrs. Jones, we now have evidence connecting your husband to the smuggling ring,” he said as he cuffed Mark and Jennifer extracted the hidden wire from her shirt. Thanks to her cooperation, the FBI had evidence to investigate her husband, soon to be former.


Written in response to FFFC # 185, hosted by Fandango

Also included, FSS # 64, hosted by Fandango




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