Muddy tires

September 19, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about mud on the tires. The tires can be from any conveyance or serve as an analogy. How did they get muddy and why? What impact does mud on the tires have on the story (plot) or characters (motivation)? Go where the prompt leads!


The layer of caked mud on the tires was thick and the wheels were stuck hard. Jessie pulled hard without success.

She then had a bright idea, she brought the water hose, turned the water on the bike to make it easy to extract. Now the mud was acting like bubblegum and the bike was stuck fast. When Jessie pushed harder, she slipped in the mud and the bike fell on top of her.

The bike was free at last, all they both needed was a hosing down, hopefully before her brother found out that she’d taken his bike.


Word count; 99

Written in response to; 99 Words Story, hosted by Charli Mills of the carrot ranch



49 thoughts on “Muddy tires

  1. Hubby had a bike (before me) – even with a helmet – the first time a stone from a truck ended up on his helmet visor – that was the last of the bike. And now many places say you don’t need to wear a helmet. Crazy. Not only are you a hazard to yourself without a helmet, but you are a hazard to anything else with wheels.

    A good washing might hide some issues 😉

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                    1. I wasn’t into gaming at all… I even told my own folks that my children would have to move out of my home before they were allowed the games with joysticks…etc.

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                    2. Yes… thankfully ours got involved with volunteer stuff… but one still ended up getting a game system. But once the girlfriend came along…there was a different game 😉

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